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Saturday, 03 September, 2011

Sunday Caption Contest, Take 2
(with comments)

Sorry for posting a stupid cat photo earlier. Let's try again.

man in bed

Note: That is not Mean Jean wearing the attractive hat.

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  1. By wally the duck. Comment posted 03-Sep-2011 @06:17pm:
    Sluggo's hat flies off.

    Oh, wait... that's not Sluggo... and that's not a hat.
  2. By sekirt. Comment posted 03-Sep-2011 @06:21pm:
    The attractive hat is the white one. It is easy to see that person is not Mean Jean!
  3. By Pete. Comment posted 03-Sep-2011 @06:33pm:
    Sign this. It says you must agree to see a sonogram before we perform the abortion.
  4. By Doug. Comment posted 03-Sep-2011 @07:46pm:
    Sign the damn marriage certificate or my brother shoots you again.
  5. By chazunga. Comment posted 03-Sep-2011 @08:07pm:
    "Examine the picture closely. Do you recognize that man carrying a leg ?"
  6. By chazunga. Comment posted 03-Sep-2011 @08:11pm:
    President Obama To Unveil New Spending Program
  7. By BobK. Comment posted 03-Sep-2011 @08:47pm:
    Back in the day, the fight against erectile dysfunction was occasionally waged by Eleanor Roosevelt going from ward to ward showing pictures of herself in her skivvies to the patients.
  8. By Craig L. Comment posted 04-Sep-2011 @12:35am:
    I'm from Hospital Accounting. The lady in white is trained to revive you after you read your bill.
  9. By Craig L. Comment posted 04-Sep-2011 @12:38am:
    This explains the experimental haircut procedure we did using the device just above your head...
  10. By Nakata. Comment posted 04-Sep-2011 @02:30am:
    Readin' of newspapers is a sin punishable by burnin' in hell!
  11. By Sassy Chick. Comment posted 04-Sep-2011 @04:20am:
    The report of my death was exaggerated.
  12. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 04-Sep-2011 @05:11am:
    I would not wear such a plain hat.

    Why is the man doing a stomach crunch? Didn't he just get a liver transplant?
  13. By wally the duck. Comment posted 04-Sep-2011 @06:07am:
    Didn't he just get a liver transplant?

    They sewed him up too tightly.
  14. By wormpicker. Comment posted 04-Sep-2011 @01:06pm:
    J-Walk, you need to start making harder questions.
  15. By melody. Comment posted 11-Sep-2011 @07:34pm:
    Just sign the life insurance papers Martin, we both know you're not gonna make it.
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