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Sunday, 03 July, 2011

Sunday Caption Contest I
(with comments)



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  1. By Brian. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @06:58am:
    I can't believe I'm talking to the Queen and peeing at the same time.
  2. By chazunga. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @07:04am:
    A prerequisite for nobility: the ability to hold one's nose.
  3. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @07:04am:
    What's that rubbing up against my leg?
  4. By Innumeracy. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @07:09am:
    "Is that a Hiatian woman you're standing on? The water's too murky for me to see clearly."
  5. By meg_mac. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @07:29am:
    I don't care what Camilla said get the hell out of my pool!
  6. By Gordo. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @07:51am:
    The queen's first lesson in a bubble-free bath.
  7. By il Vecchio. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @07:56am:
    "Yes. Yes. I do spend most of my time being photographed smiling indulgently at commoners in ridiculous and awkward circumstances. How very kind of you to point that out."
  8. By Fred. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @08:04am:
    Come on in. There are no dead bodies in this pool. (At least the guy behind me is certainly not dead).
  9. By Graham. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @08:24am:
    Come on, take your bathing suit off. That poor guy looks like he has been waiting for hours.
  10. By Doug. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @08:55am:
    Yes, I did see your husband's bubbles. My husband is also a complete and utter fool.
  11. By Chris Weagel. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @09:23am:
    Dead body near pool not noticed.
  12. By BobK. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @10:02am:
    I forget my dear. If you float doth that mean that thou art a witch or is it the other way round?
  13. By LARRY "WIDE STANCE" CRAIG. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @10:12am:
    Thank you no. I was baptized by the Bishop Of Canterbury long ago.

    (Under much more genteel circumstances I might add.)
  14. By Chris J.. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @10:12am:
    (Queen Mum) What a fine young man, you're standing at attention and you're standing at attention.
  15. By terri. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @11:54am:
    "No, Your Majesty, I wasn't peeing, just curtsying..."
  16. By Curtis. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @12:27pm:
    So marvelous to finally meet the wife of bath; one had no idea you were extant, darling. My heavens, Geoffrey really captured you, didn't he?
  17. By concertinist. Comment posted 03-Jul-2011 @06:51pm:
    I had to scan 1.97 X 10^237 alternative universes to find an example of a queen and a guy with a badge clipped to his tie speaking to a dour couple in an above-ground pool, and it still makes no sense whatsoever.
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