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Sunday, 10 April, 2011

Reading 100 Books
(with comments)

Bryan Wright is Reading 100 ALL TIME Novels.

When I came across Time Magazine's All TIME 100 Novels, something struck me. I haven't read any of them! That's not entirely true, I'd read six of them. Four of them were read as part of mandatory reading in school and two were read out of choice when I was in University.

It isn't that I don't read anything, I actually read quite a bit, but it tends to be non-fiction; usually history books. Reading over the list a few times, I noticed that not only had I only read six of them, I hadn't even heard of half of them. I then came up with the idea of fixing this. My mission is to read all 100 novels on this list!

He's almost 1/3 finished.

Read an interview here. He didn't like Naked Lunch or Infinite Jest, and he's not looking forward to The Lord of the Rings.

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  1. By AirForceOne. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @07:40am:
    I was surprised to find I had read more than half of that list. I had seen 97 of the top 100 films as well when they published that one, but I have since seen two more on the list. I however have no intention of watching the last one ever.

    How on Middle Earth Bryan Wright can not be looking forward to The Lord Of The Rings is beyond me, it is a wonderful book. I could not put it or the sequels down. War and Peace was like marching to Moscow in Winter by comparison and that is still a wonderful book.
  2. By AirForceOne. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @07:44am:
    Just looking at that list and Catcher in the Rye is the only book that stands out as being one I should really read out of the ones I haven't already read.
  3. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @08:09am:
    I've read 14 of them. Catch-22 is my all time favorite, and I've read it at least a dozen times. This sounds like a good idea...I tend to read exclusively non-fiction any more, and there are quite a few on that list I would like to read. I was a bit surprised that Huck Finn was not on the list.
  4. By Tony. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @08:16am:
    Gosh, I've read 16 of those, I must be edumacated or something.

    Surprised to see Snow Crash & Neuromancer on the list though.

    The opening line of Neuromancer has done a 180 these days - "The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel...".

    Dead TV channels ain't what they used to be...
  5. By L.. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @08:38am:
    Some pretty dreadful and non-classic books on there. Snow Crash and Neuromancer are good but certainly not all time classics.

    I think I've read 17 of them. There are about 10 more I have started and given up through boredom and there are a load on there I am very unlikely ever to try.

    Dance to the Music of Time is a bit of scam as it isn't just a single book - you have to read the whole series of 10 or 12. I hugely enjoyed it the first time I read it but not the second time.
  6. By Mr. Pointer Outer. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @08:55am:
    30. Interesting to see Ubik listed, out of all PKD's novels. My favorite by far but, maybe because there isn't a movie made of it yet, seems to be one of the least read.
  7. By Tony. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @09:08am:
    At least Valis by PKD wasn't on there.

    I wonder why they chose Atwood's 'Blind Assassin' over 'Handmaiden's Tale'. That would be a better choice than 'Snow Crash', maybe not 'Neuromancer'.

    If they wanted a classic SF book 'Rendezvous with Rama' by Clarke would do.
  8. By -T.. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @10:35am:
    I made it through The Lord of the Rings, but found it pretty long and drawn out. Don't know why they just didn't fly the damn bird all the way to the volcano in the first place. Could have saved a lot of reading. And 2 movies.
  9. By Andie. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @10:39am:
    I however have no intention of watching the last one ever.

    AirForceOne, Which movie is that?
  10. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 10-Apr-2011 @01:17pm:
    How did 'Atonement' merit being on this list? Read it. It was okay, but not worthy of being put in a time capsule.
  11. By Evil Klown. Comment posted 11-Apr-2011 @03:18am:
    After I finished with Lord of The Rings I really missed the characters and Middle Earth in general. Actually, I think it was more than that ... I think I became addicted to it ... reading it daily for a long time ... I wanted more. I was pathetic ... I started looking for books about the books.

    Looking back, I think I was grieving or overcoming a mental addiction or something.
  12. By JakeB. Comment posted 11-Apr-2011 @07:47am:
    I have read 14, I was surprised that Deliverance was on there. I thought the movie was more famous then the book
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