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Tuesday, 08 February, 2011

Nazi Graphics Manual
(with comments)

Making sure the swastikas are rendered correctly: Steve Heller hunts down a Nazi graphics standards manual.

Designers and design historians told me over the years that they had heard about the existence of a Nazi graphics standards manual. No one could say they actually saw it, but they knew of someone who had. So it grew into something of a Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster tale, until one day I actually saw it too – and it had been right under my nose the whole time.


Published in 1936, The Organizationsbuch der NSDAP (with subsequent annual editions), detailed all aspects of party bureaucracy, typeset tightly in German Blackletter. What interested me, however, were the over 70 full-page, full-color plates (on heavy paper) that provide examples of virtually every Nazi flag, insignia, patterns for official Nazi Party office signs, special armbands for the Reichsparteitag (Reichs Party Day), and Honor Badges. The book “over-explains the obvious” and leaves no Nazi Party organization question, regardless of how minute, unanswered.

(via kottke.org)

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  1. By todd. Comment posted 08-Feb-2011 @08:57am:
    They just recently had one on the auction block on the new tv show auction kings i think it sold for $5000
  2. By wally the duck. Comment posted 08-Feb-2011 @11:44am:
    The book “over-explains the obvious”

    Obviously authentic: German to the core.
  3. By Taco Jocko. Comment posted 08-Feb-2011 @12:36pm:
    Was this from Glenn Beck's personal collection? I've never seen such an obsession.
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