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Friday, 14 October, 2011

Man Lives On Roadkill
(with comments)

He's a taxidermist: Meet the man who has survived on a diet of ROADKILL for 30 years.

Rat stir fries and owl curries hardly sound like the stuff you would serve your friends for dinner.

But surprisingly, Jonathan McGowan's exotic roadkill dishes are a big hit with his guests.

The 44-year-old bachelor has lived on a diet of roadkill for the past 30 years to avoid buying meat from the supermarket.

He has shunned pre-packaged meats and instead dined on mice, moles, hedgehogs, pigeons, crows and gulls.

This is probably pretty good:

badger stew

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  1. By Chris J.. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @08:45am:
    Ewwww Honey Badger stew?
    Honey badger doesn't give a Shxx if he's stewed.
  2. By bleak. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @08:53am:
    "He has eaten mice, moles, hedeghogs, squirrels, rats, foxes, badgers, hares, rabbits, deer, stoats, weasels, polecats, otters, wildcats, pheasants, finches, thrushes, ducks, geese, pigeons, owls, crows, gulls, blackbirds and cormorants." The devil, you say.
  3. By Jake Djibouti. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @09:00am:
    I just finished reading Double Whammy by Carl Hiaasen. The character Skink, aka Clinton Tyree, shows a preference for roadkill.
  4. By chip. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @09:12am:
    But no swans, you notice. I'm sure if he finds a swan he turns it over to the queen, since they all belong to her.
  5. By bleak. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @09:44am:
    But he especially likes wabbits.
  6. By Preta. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @10:08am:
    He's a bachelor? Wow - who would have guessed?
  7. By Thrash Cardiom. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @12:28pm:
    Skink shows up in a few of Hiaasen's books. Quite a character.
  8. By deciBelcat. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @02:19pm:
    I once saw a road kill cookbook for truckers. The recipes were for cooking the kill on top of the truck engine. Instead of cooking times, it gave mileages. (Baste well and place on engine in a suitable covered pan. After thirty miles, turn it over and baste again ...)
  9. By karst. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @02:24pm:
    A friend of mine owns "The Road Kill Grill". He has a tow behind grill and picks up fresh road kill and grills it up.
  10. By Ense. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @04:21pm:
    Round these parts the most popular road kill is armadillo liver. They have huge tasty livers. I think their livers are so big from drinking so much Lone Star Beer. Sorry, joke based on obscure commercials from the late 70's. I think their livers are so big because they eat so many venomous insects, such as harvester ants and leafcutter ants.
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