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Tuesday, 05 April, 2011

(with comments)

These are absolutely amazing: JF Rauzier Hyperphotos.

Jean-François Rauzier was immediately captivated by numerical photography when it penetrated the professional market 15 years ago. He has been exploring the multiple opportunities offered by computer’s retouching since then, turning himself into a “virtual” painter.

In 2002, he created the “Hyperphoto”, a concept which enables him to deal with the impossible: to combine both infinitely big and infinitely small things in one same image, out of time.

To simulate the illusion of reality, Jean-François Rauzier first had to cope with all the inherent limits inherent of the photographic and technological equipment.

He found his way by juxtaposing, duplicating, twisting images with Photoshop, making it possible for him to reproduce human vision more accurately. This way, he generated a genuine numerical puzzle, in which the pieces, cut out, “drawn again”, come up along on top of the imagination of the artist.

Click Portfolio, choose a category, then choose a photo. Go fullscreen, then click and click and click. If you have time for only one, choose Quotidiens - Grand Central.

grand central

(via Visual News)

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  1. By Evil Klown. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @10:40am:
    ... he generated a genuine numerical puzzle, in which the pieces, cut out, “drawn again”, come up along on top of the imagination of the artist.

    Gork, I got brain damage from reading that too fast.
  2. By Paul. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @10:53am:
    I found Bin Laden! He's between tracks 28 and 29.

    What's my prize?
  3. By Lee. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @11:55am:
    I found Bill & Monica facing forward at one of the railings -- with Barack Obama making a phone call in a restaurant behind them.
  4. By Brian. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @12:39pm:
    Found JFK standing with Sirhan Sirhan and a fellow who looks like Khrushchev.
  5. By Brian. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @12:50pm:
    Found the artest three times. What fun but back to the garden for me.
  6. By Jim R.. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @05:41pm:
    Outstanding, thanks J-Walk.
  7. By Andie. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @06:12pm:
    To the left on the level Obama's on the name of the section of NYC I grew up in is on one of the archways. That's because it's a stop on the LIRR I guess. Actually the RR station in that town is famous for the "apathy" of the residents in the adjacent apartments for witnessing a murder in the station and doing nothing.
  8. By mmmark. Comment posted 05-Apr-2011 @09:31pm:
    I found Jimmy Carter.
  9. By David. Comment posted 06-Apr-2011 @09:17am:
    GWB under track 24.

    These are all amazing! I especially enjoyed the "Belles Endormies" or sleeping Beauties sectiion. Thanks, J-Walk
  10. By Chris J.. Comment posted 06-Apr-2011 @06:38pm:
    Cité Idéale 1

    Every TV in this picture is tuned to the same channel.
    Very cool stuff
  11. By Rick. Comment posted 06-Apr-2011 @07:30pm:
    You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general.
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