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Thursday, 13 October, 2011

Google Plus: Lesson 1
(with comments)

Google Plus (G+) is a free service offered by Google. Anyone who has an account can post items, much like blogger make blog posts. G+ posts can consist of links, photos, videos, or just text. If the items are posted publicly, anyone can read them.

Here are examples of user pages of some G+ users (just six out of millions of such pages):

You'll notice that each user's list of posts resembles a blog. Although they all look the same, you'll find that each user has his or own style of posting. Like a blog, the most recent items appear at the top, and each item can be viewed on a single (permalink) page by clicking the timestamp. G+ users can also post comments.

Remember, anyone can read those posts just by visiting their user page. But if you'd like a better G+ experience, get an account and then put those people in a circle. G+ users have a "stream" that shows all posts made by people in their circles -- all mingled together, but listed to show the most recent first. In other words, you can basically create a multi-author blog that shows posts only from people you're interested in.

Other advantages of becoming a G+ user: (1) You can make your own posts, (2) you can leave comments to posts, and (3) you can be notified when people comment on your post or a comment is posted after your comment (these "notifications" are good way to see who has responded to something you wrote).

That's how it works.

Next: Understanding G+ Circles.

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  1. By banjo brad. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @04:37pm:
    You're going to have to write fast if you hope to have your "Complete Idiots' Complete Guide To Google+" up before you close down!
  2. By banjo brad. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @04:38pm:
    Oh, and I, for one, am waiting with 'bated breath for it!
  3. By meg_mac. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @04:52pm:
    Good info. My J-Walk stream is awesome. The next best thing to being here. I see my friends and view all their awesome content.
  4. By meg_mac. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @04:53pm:
    And you can edit so you don't sound like an LA girl.
  5. By Curtis. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @04:56pm:
    Wow, that effing +Peter is really bringing it, blogwise. Maybe I shouldn't have blocked his raggy backside.
  6. By meg_mac. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @05:00pm:
    Prolific to be sure! His is great and Dave Pacheco is funnier than my sides can stand.
  7. By gdm IV. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @05:32pm:
    I'm starting to warm up to g+, but still working on my JWB circle. J-Walk, is there a list of all JWB commenters' g+ pages somewhere? Here is mine.
  8. By banjo brad. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @06:05pm:
    Thanks, gdm IV - I'm working on finding other J-Walkers myself.
  9. By wormpicker. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @06:10pm:
    Oh, and I, for one, am waiting with 'bated breath for it!

    Didn't that college co-ed a few posts back also have bait breath?
  10. By wormpicker. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @06:16pm:
    gdm IV, I noticed that Wm. Picker guy in your list hasn't posted anything lately.
  11. By wormpicker. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @08:58pm:
    WAIT! Don't you think you need to stay in business until next August to prove to everyone how smart you are?
  12. By wok. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @11:03pm:
    Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, subtract 3, 5, hold the mayo, go back and re-do, insert tab A
  13. By gdm IV. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @11:29pm:
    until next August to prove to everyone how smart you are?

    Ha! I love this stuff.
  14. By Snag. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @12:59am:
    J-Walk ... you are a professional when it comes to technical user-guides, and an early-adopter of facilities like blogs and Google+. I think there is scope for you to write and publish one, or a series, of guides to the 'cloud computing' phenomenon. It is really taking off and fairly convenient / intuitive to use, but still daunting to many pre-GenY users. The mindset of the latter is too study and understand something before venturing into it, rather than to 'just-do-it'. There is a market there, unless you have retired from the game (nothing wrong with that, either).
  15. By kashmarek. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @04:11am:
    No, not another book...I don't have room.
  16. By Cap'n Walker. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @07:00am:
    The 'circles' thing I do not understand yet. I do not find G+ intuitive or user friendly thus far. Perhaps later...
  17. By Phos..... Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @07:51am:


    cumbersome addressing convention.

    Google should work on that.
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