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Tuesday, 01 March, 2011

Easily Amused
(with comments)

This baby LOLs.

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  1. By RobertSeattle. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @10:08am:
    Honey have you seen that piece of paper I got appraised for $15,000 on Antique Road Show?
  2. By Doug. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @10:12am:
    That kid is easily amused. I had to resort to banging my head against a wall to get a similar response.
  3. By martin. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @10:41am:
    For more of the same go to http://www.cutethingslaughing.com/
  4. By wormpicker. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @12:25pm:
    Mom & Dad are laughing now, but wait till she figures out how to shred paper for her own amusement.
  5. By Curtis. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @12:32pm:
    Ah the cheap fun moment of parenthood - soon the only tearing she'll laugh at is dad tearing his hair when he gets the Visa bill.
  6. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @12:43pm:
    <sigh> Nothing quite like infectious laughter. Nice to feel cheerful another day on the Slave Planet. Sure reminded me of my own kids when they were babies.

    A while ago, we were babysitting the 2 year old daughter of some younger friends--a little Being of Light & Joy. My wife was pretty nervous about the prospect as she never had kids of her own. I told her, you know all about puppies, though. Just think of her as a human puppy. Anyway, they hit it right off and were on the couch with gales of laughter playing peekaboo with a pillow. Then the little girl whacked my wife with the pillow and my wife pretended to start crying. The little girl burst into tears and then looked at me for some clue for how to console my wife. At which point I started laughing. More tears. Took a while to sort that out.
  7. By Curtis. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @01:20pm:
    Great story there, Don. BTW, would you let us know when your son's Nat'nl Geo story comes out?
  8. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @01:32pm:
    It's a travel guidebook project in their series, Curtis. 日本国.
  9. By Curtis. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @03:19pm:
    Do it be was out yet, Don?
  10. By Ike. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @03:29pm:
    That child has a future as an audience member for lame sitcoms.
  11. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @03:38pm:
    Next year, I'd guess. He's still researching and revising for a few more months.

    Ha. That video made me laugh all over again--just to get back on topic. I'm easily amused, too, especially lately.
  12. By Spokane Mary. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @04:03pm:
    Nice story, Don Coyote.

    Babies are SO cool.
  13. By Brian. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @04:50pm:
    I usually get the same reaction from my wife when I whack the coffee table with my toe. She just loves it when I do the dislocated toe dance.
  14. By meg_mac. Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @06:23pm:
    Babies laughter is the life affirming elixir of the God's.
  15. By Gee.... Comment posted 01-Mar-2011 @09:13pm:
    I wonder about the title, "Easily Amused"...is that the baby or the people being easily amused by a baby laughing...maybe both?
  16. By vanessad. Comment posted 02-Mar-2011 @11:21am:
    actually, the baby LsOL!
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