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Monday, 09 May, 2011

Civil War Facial Hair
(with comments)

Do your civic duty and vote for your favorite display of Civil War facial hair.

There are 24 candidates to choose from. I shouldn't tell you this because it might affect your vote, but the leader so far is Ambrose Burnside:


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  1. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @07:17am:
    I almost gave a vote to General Crook, the hometown favorite, but Alpheus Williams had just the right look of crazy in his eyes that went with the unkempt appearance of his beard.
  2. By Stoli. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @08:13am:
    I'm surprised you didn't call them "Hipsters".

  3. By AZJohnB. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @08:46am:
    Are those Burnside sideburns?
  4. By wally the duck. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @09:06am:
    Is that Col. Sanders in his early days?
  5. By just me. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @09:27am:
    I didn't see the guy from the $50 Dollar Bill. Wasn't he in the Civil War?
  6. By mmmark. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @09:28am:
    Gotta go with John McAllister "Taliban" Schofield:
  7. By terri. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @09:39am:
    Sideburns were originally called "burnsides." No kidding.
  8. By stoli. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @10:22am:
    Not Sanders. It's Paul F. Tompkins.
  9. By Umatilla. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @11:42am:
    He would make a great Indian cop.
  10. By Andie. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @03:51pm:
    I voted and found out that I voted for the guy with the least votes. I guess I'm just not with it.
  11. By christopher. Comment posted 09-May-2011 @04:12pm:
    yes ,sideburns come from General Burnside. there is a park with a fine statue of him in Downtown Providence RI
  12. By Taylor. Comment posted 10-May-2011 @01:11am:
    Alpheus Williams

    Silver and Gold
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