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Sunday, 20 February, 2011

Bestselling Book At Amazon
(with comments)

What's the top-selling book at Amazon.com? It's Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back.

It's classified as non-fiction.


Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn't know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear.

Why would such a book be so popular? People really want to believe in this type of fairy tale. The author was on the Today show and was also featured on FOX News. TV drives book sales.

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  1. By Curtis. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @09:07am:
    I was in heaven last night, but for different reasons.
  2. By Wendy!. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @09:21am:
    What about the stories that are just as amazing but do not contain Christian details?
  3. By Onecos. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @09:29am:
    So, JWalk, when will you go on Fox News and spike sales of Excel books?
  4. By Doug. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @09:29am:
    Swedenborg wrote about his trips to Heaven AND Hell in the 1700's. In 300 years, possibly less, this book will also be forgotten.
  5. By J-Walk. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @09:38am:
    The only FOX show I'd appear on is the Glenn Beck Show. That's because I need a blackboard to explain stuff.
  6. By Phil. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @10:21am:
    He describes the horse that only Jesus could ride, about how "reaaally big" God and his chair are, and how the Holy Spirit "shoots down power" from heaven to help us.

    Come on... Really?
    (or should I say "reaaally"?)

    I wonder if he describes what Jesus and God "reaaally" looks like.
    I've always been curious.
  7. By Phil. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @10:27am:
    Hey J-Walk
    If I buy this book (Kindle Version) for you, will you read it and give your review?
    The only conditions are that you MUST read the entire book (192 pages), with an open (albeit skeptical) mind.
  8. By J-Walk. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @10:46am:
    Thanks for the offer Phil, but I have no interest at all in that book. With so many good books available, it would be a waste of my time to read about someone's religious fantasy.
  9. By Phil. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @11:17am:
    I totally understand, J-Walk.
    What if I buy the book for one of your Regular Readers.
    Would you allow him/her to do a "Guest Blogger" - reviewing the book?
    This Regular Reader, of course, would be someone you approve.
  10. By J-Walk. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @11:25am:
    Sure, I'd be happy to post a guest blogger review.

    Any volunteers?
  11. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @11:46am:
    He doesn't mention manure in heaven. It would be a major component for me.
  12. By wally the duck. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @12:51pm:
    As they say, MJ, you can't take it with you. Enjoy it while you're here.
  13. By lobstah. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @02:31pm:
    Send me a hard copy for the bathroom, and I'll write a review, but my Kindle isn't much good for butt wiping.
  14. By J-Walk. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @02:45pm:
    C'mon! Surely there's a Kindle owner who wants to read about a little boy's trip to heaven.

    Getting a review published on the J-Walk Blog will do wonders for your career.
  15. By Curtis. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @03:00pm:
    Why the hell doesn't Phil pull his damned weight and write the "review?"
  16. By Wendy!. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @03:32pm:
    I guess I will offer given my J-walk fan supplied kindle, recent similar experiences and healthy skepticism...
  17. By Spokane Mary. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @04:30pm:
    Books about out-of-body experiences and the trip to Heaven and back are about as common as self-help books - there are thousands of them. For a nonbeliever, they're all ridiculous; for a believer, they're proof of Heaven.

    How old is this argument? What's the point, anyway?

    There are even stories of nonbelievers, true atheists, who died and were brought back and had an entirely different viewpoint. Then, I'm sure, there are stories of believers who died and were brought back and were very disappointed because they had no "journey into the light" at all.

    At least our freedoms allow us to write - and read - whatever we want.
  18. By J-Walk. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @05:02pm:
    At least our freedoms allow us to write - and read - whatever we want.

    And be manipulated by mass media. Without the TV appearances, this book would have been forgotten long ago. Thanks to TV, the author is going to have a huge (and completely undeserved) royalty check.
  19. By Spokane Mary. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @06:12pm:
    Well, that depends on how you look at it, John. There are a whole heckuva lot of books I don't think ever should have been published, some of which received media acclaim, some of which didn't. There are subjects I think have been beaten into the ground and I'm sick to death of hearing about them - lots of self-help books affect me this way. Political books, religious books (and anti-religious books), romance novels (how much $$ do you think Danielle Steele has earned writing cheesy bodice-rippers?), books promoting victimization, bloody crime books, etc. - and especially, books whose intention is to keep the FEAR alive.

    Hitchens and Dawkins are free to write, publish and sell their viewpoint, and so are these religious people - which is exactly the way it should be, I think.
  20. By Doug. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @07:17pm:
    His follow up book will be Hell is for Real?
  21. By Brian. Comment posted 20-Feb-2011 @09:44pm:
    Wherever it is that we go, into that which we go, we only go unto our loved ones and ancestors. Be an explorer with bravery.
    The rest is that what it is.

    I hope that I wrote this right but after a belated birthday party and way too many martinis who knows.

    It's dangerous to blog after drinking.

  22. By JimmyJames. Comment posted 21-Feb-2011 @12:40am:
    I'm never going to die. My 'Walternate' will keep on splitting off every time my neural microtubule tubulin electron states quantum wave function collapses and my consciousness will be aware of that reality, forever and ever. Is that heaven? Probably not.
  23. By mmmark. Comment posted 21-Feb-2011 @12:06pm:
    Well I never been to heaven, but I've been to Oklahoma. They tell me I was born there, but I really don't remember.

    In Oklahoma, not Arizona--
    What does it matter?
  24. By ElMoney. Comment posted 21-Feb-2011 @12:16pm:
    I wonder if he describes what Jesus and God "reaaally" looks like.

    Well, for one, She's Black.
  25. By ironflange. Comment posted 21-Feb-2011 @02:51pm:
    Dante beat him to it a long time ago, and chances are it's still a much better read.
  26. By ironflange. Comment posted 21-Feb-2011 @02:55pm:
    And let's not forget, the "Heaven" section is far and away the most boring part.
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