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Thursday, 13 October, 2011

A Plan For Bisbee
(with comments)

This is from last year, but it's still irrelevant: Underground Skyscraper is a Self-Sufficient Desert City.

As we deplete our natural resources, we are left with huge gaping holes in the ground - scars from our open-pit mining exploits. Matthew Fromboluti of Washington University in St. Louis has a plan to heal those scars with an underground skyscraper that fills the hole and creates a self-sustaining community in its place.

His proposal, Above Below, is proposed to infill the 900-foot deep and nearly 300-acre wide crater left by the former Lavender Pit Mine outside of Bisbee, Arizona.

lavender pit

Once that negative skyscraper is built, Bisbonian could rent some space for his banjo factory.

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  1. By PunnyMe. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @05:20pm:
    They could name it Bisbelow.
  2. By chazunga. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @06:00pm:
    Not much will grow.
  3. By wormpicker. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @06:13pm:
    I actually think that Lavender Pit is kind of beautiful.
  4. By duke-a-paduka. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @07:17pm:
    Would a high status person there live in a penthole apartment?
  5. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 13-Oct-2011 @09:51pm:
    Wow, I had never heard of this proposal. Seems pretty pointless, though. Bisbee barely has the infrastructure to support what is here now. The population has decreased over the last three censuses. There are no real jobs here, not enough water, and no demand for new housing (and certainly not office space.)

    We do have a lot of dirt, and rocks, in big ugly piles. And a big hole. I think the solution is obvious.
  6. By Jake Djibouti. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @06:52am:
    This may be as successful as Biosphere II!
  7. By wok. Comment posted 12-Jul-2012 @03:40pm:
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