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Friday, 25 March, 2011

Who’s In Hell?
(with comments)

Here's a story you won't find in the mainstream media. It's at The Zimdiaspora: Michael Jackson is in hell, Pope John Paul II is not in heaven either.

It's testimony from teen Christian Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora. One day, she asked Jesus to show her Heaven, and he did! He also showed her Hell.

She describes it:

angelica Zambrano Let me tell you that Michael Jackson is in hell.  The Lord showed him to me after Michael died.  He let me see Michael Jackson tormented in flames.  I cried to Jesus, "Why?" It wasn't easy to see how this man was being tormented and how he would scream.  Anyone who listens to Michael Jackson's songs or sings them or who is a fan of Michael Jackson, I warn you that satan is trapping you in his web so that you will end up in hell.  Right now, renounce it in the name of Jesus!  Jesus wants to set you free, so that you will not be lost.

She also saw Pope John Paul II in Hell.

I saw him in Hell, being tormented by flames.  I looked at his face, it was John Paul II!  The Lord said to me, "Look, Daughter, that man that you see there, is Pope John Paul II.  He is here in this place; he is being tormented because he did not repent."


"He never said the truth and they know the truth and although he knew the truth, he preferred money over preaching about salvation.  He would not offer reality; would not say that hell is real and that heaven also exists; Daughter, now he is here in this place."

Let that be a lesson.

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  1. By Anonymous. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @10:10am:
    Exactly where are heaven and hell located these days?

    They used to be in the clouds and under ground, but now that we can fly and drill, have new locations been proposed?

    And how exactly does one book a tour like Ms. Mora?
  2. By LJW. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @10:24am:
    see Michael Jackson tormented in flames

    Sure she wasn't just watching that Pepsi commercial?

    Too soon?
  3. By kirbluv. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @10:39am:
    Seems that according to our eyewitness, heaven is still "up" and hell remains "down". If heaven is simply up, then there must be infinite room to, you know, walk around in one's crystal sandals and all-- pretty sweet deal for the saved. If hell is underground, then the space must be finite. And, as a majority of people will most certainly burn, as we've been told, then the further down and hotter you go, the less room there is, until deep in the innermost circle of hell, the souls of the damned must be stacked like cordwood.

    I guess my question is, will an infinite number of souls continually be crammed into this finite space, or will hell eventually become "full up"? The old-school Christians still seem to stress the burney aspects of hell, but seem to make no mention of how cramped it's gotta be, which would give heaven an extra selling point. Might get a few more people off the fence, especially if they're into real estate.
  4. By wormpicker. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @10:43am:
    I'd imagine flames could be quite tormenting.
  5. By Skipperbob. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @11:40am:
    Almost as sick as the teen girl on youtube who said she payed for a sign from God and the earthquake hit Japan. She was so happy!!!!
  6. By Hanuman Das. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @11:42am:
    Sounds like somebody's been taking a little too much Ritalin lately....
  7. By nohelp. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @11:48am:
    I wonder if she has any plans to monetize this...experience?
  8. By Brian. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @12:23pm:
    Peyote is a scary thing...
  9. By dude. Comment posted 25-Mar-2011 @02:16pm:
    Skipperbob that was a hoax.
  10. By Sue Dunham. Comment posted 26-Mar-2011 @04:27am:
    "..."Why?" It wasn't easy to see how this man was being tormented..."
    How can people not remember that this was a predatory pedophile who built a zoo to attract his victims?
  11. By William Tell. Comment posted 26-Mar-2011 @11:42am:
    Some Eskimo tribes (Greenland) believe that heaven is a warm place deep in the ground, and hell a cold place up in the clouds.

    Us vikings believe you only make it to Valhalla (Heaven) if you die in battle. It is very routine there, as you fight all day, and then party all night (if you are killed during the fighting you wake up for the party).

    Óðinn (the top god) sits in his throne with two wolves beside him who eat his food, as he is such a party animal he only drinks beer.

    Now how cool of a religioun is that?
  12. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 26-Mar-2011 @11:57am:
    Well, not as cool as the Eskimos.
  13. By sirach. Comment posted 12-Jul-2011 @11:40pm:
    well, i believe that hell is really real, as well as heaven. the article regarding angelica's vision of heaven and hell, made me realize my status, that i have gone so far. yet, i thanked for reminding me again of His love, His greatness, through angelica's article. i am so afraid when i read the description of hell. May God help us and guide us in all our ways, that we will be with Him in His own time. It is really a fearful thing to be fall from the hands of the living God.
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