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Saturday, 25 April, 2009

Dividing Texas
(with comments)

Here's on idea to divide Texas into five states: Messing with Texas.

Last week, we discussed the political implications of Texas choosing to secede from the Union, something which -- as is apparently unknown to its governor Rick Perry -- it has no more and no less right to do than any of the other 49 states.

What Texas could choose to do, however, is to divide itself up into as many as five states, a privilege given to it as a condition of its annexation to the Union in 1845. What would Texas look like if it chose to do this? Would dividing a large, red state into five smaller, reddish states benefit Republicans in the Senate? In the Electoral College?

The answers are not so clear. But first things first, we need to come up with a logical way to divide Texas into five parts...

So we would have new states: Plainland, Trinity, Gulfland, New Texas, and El Norte.

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  1. By Doug. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @01:37pm:
    El Norte is too big & should be split in two. Far West Texas has absolutely nothing in common with the lower Rio Grande - or even the rest of Texas. Divide it at the Pecos River (north of the o in Norte) and move the eastern boundary to include the gulf counties. Better yet, make far west Texas part of New Mexico.
  2. By robert.wood (B). Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @01:50pm:
    Now I'm not a Texanian or even an American, but El Norte is the southernmost part, no? Must be something Texanic or so...
  3. By Bobby. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @02:10pm:
    We could go almost straight across (just to the north of Houston) from that E/W line that starts at El Paso and make 2 states. North Texas would be totally red and South Texas would be a mixture of red and blue. The only downside would be that those of us in South Texas might end up in Mexico.
  4. By Sue Dunham. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @02:11pm:
    I always thought East and West Texas should be separate. They are different both geographically and culturally.
  5. By concertinist. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @03:23pm:
    But the U.S. needs America's Garden Spade intact. Better to remove that dangling southeast appendage which, true to form, only causes trouble anyway.
  6. By Rix. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @03:40pm:
    I'm with Doug. Let's give New Mexico the far west bits and while we're at it we can give Oklahoma the northern bits.
  7. By Ben Dover. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @04:14pm:
    How 'bout merging all those little states like Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, etc. into one state? Come on, they each get two senators when California, Texas, Ohio, New York get the same number? How's that fair? What would we name it? Massacondel Island?

    OK.. that's bad.
  8. By wayne. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @05:30pm:
    give it back to mexico.
  9. By Barbwire. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @06:48pm:
    Wayne, Mexico has enough troubles without adding Texas to them. My father used to say put all the _________(fill in the blank) in Texas, then shovel it all into the Gulf of Mexico.
  10. By decibelcat. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @08:59pm:
    Barbwire, I completely 100% absolutely positively agree with your father.
  11. By Ense. Comment posted 25-Apr-2009 @10:29pm:
    Those counties in Gulfland that leaned Obama have mmany times the population of the rest of Gulfland.

    BTW, the Dems will win the governors race in TX. Bill White will will trounce the winner of the Republican battle of the big hair.
  12. By Rob. Comment posted 26-Apr-2009 @02:25am:
    El Norte looks like a salamander. Oh, wait...
  13. By Snag. Comment posted 26-Apr-2009 @05:09am:
    What have the Mexicans got to trade with ?
  14. By deaudonnee. Comment posted 26-Apr-2009 @01:04pm:
    Perry is such a jerk! I wonder what he's been smoking now. The last article I read about this said that we do NOT have the right to split into 5 states anymore due to what the Yankees did after the Civil War. I will admit that a lot of us probably misunderstood that part of Texas history a long time ago, because I can remember telling people that we could split into 5 states. I like my state like it is, but would prefer it with fewer rethugs. I really don't want to give up Balmorhea and Ft. Davis and I refuse to surrender San Antonio (my birthplace). Perry should just fade in obscurity.
  15. By Shel-tone. Comment posted 27-Apr-2009 @06:18am:
    United States please banish Texas! Please! Put Perry and his ilk's money where their mouths are and put a big fence around Texas and lock them in (but please let me out first!). At the very least try it for a year. Let them thrash around in their own hypocrisy and filth for a year and then give them aid if they have an ounce of intelligence to ask for it...

    United States would be the greatest nation in the world. Osama would turn himself in. Iran would convert to Judaism. Israel would unite with the Palestinians. North and South Korea would trade places somehow. Mexico would have the strongest economy in the world. Etc...
  16. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 27-Apr-2009 @08:11am:
    I'll second that, Shel.
  17. By Snowbody. Comment posted 27-Apr-2009 @11:57am:
    Mexico could offer us Baja, and maybe the Yucatan.
  18. By mrclam. Comment posted 29-Apr-2009 @10:13am:
    I will pay Texas $10 right now to secede. Heck, make it $15!!
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