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Wednesday, 27 February, 2008

Ernest Angley, My New Favorite
(with comments)

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm a huge fan of Benny Hinn. However, I've been getting bored with Benny lately, and I've been seeking a new favorite Christian. I think I found one: Ernest Angley.

He's not as good looking as Benny, but he has his own plane, and heals people all over the world. Like Benny, he doesn't take credit for the miracles:

Do you need a miracle or healing? You can have a miracle; you can have a healing today. Untold multitudes have been healed as they put their hand against mine on the screen. You can have your deliverance. This is just a point of contact. I am not a healer; Jesus is the Healer.

Plus, Ernie has free music on his Web site.

Here he is in action. He uses a technique similar to Benny's but it's not as violent:

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  1. By wally the duck. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @08:55am:
    Hand on the screen??

    Anybody here old enough to remember Winky-Dink?
  2. By Dinsdale Piranha. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @08:56am:
    Is it faith or crazy glue that keeps that rug on top of his healin head?
  3. By another larry. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @09:27am:
    Here's my hero
    Remarks stir flap over faith at Capitol -- God is disgusted with California legislators – at least some of them, according to an evangelical chaplain who ruffled feathers this week in the same Capitol where he leads Bible studies for lawmakers. Ralph Drollinger, who played basketball at UCLA in the 1970s and now heads Capitol Ministries, criticized lawmakers who participate in a separate fellowship group that embraces people of all faiths without insisting that they accept Jesus Christ as Messiah.http://www.sacbee.com/111/story/742653.html
    Ralph makes $120,000 a year while pandering to the
  4. By Bittergreen. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @10:13am:
    I believe a few years ago this fine fellow was investigated for tax fraud, and claimed that 'the devil' had got into his computer. He's always been a personal favourite.
  5. By wickershaw. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @10:19am:
    Wally. That was my absolute favorite program. I've never understood why some program exec doesn't do it again.
  6. By Phillip. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @10:45am:
    Hand on the screen??

    Anybody here old enough to remember Winky-Dink?

    That's THIS guy? Oh, that's funny. I remember my brother and I catching his show while flicking through the channels one day. We put our hands on the screen when he said, "Put your hands on the screen!" That was a good laugh.

    What a nut.
  7. By Toad. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @11:16am:
    Ernest has been around forever. Seeing him on TV was my first exposure to the wonderful world of televangelism. I never thought anyone could top him, until I saw Dr. Eugene Scott. I do have to give Benny Hinn cudos on dress, though.
  8. By J-Walk. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @11:38am:
    I understand that he's practically wiped out AIDS in Africa.

    He runs his operation in Ohio from Rex Humbard's Cathedral of Tomorrow. Now named Grace Cathedral. It has a buffet, but no brewery. He's missing a great opportunity.

  9. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @11:45am:
    I agree. Benny's "holier-than-thou" white suits are the best.
  10. By Gee.... Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @11:52am:
    I think we should invite them to a cage match.

    The winner gets named JWalk's Most Favored Egoist.
  11. By Bobbeh. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @12:22pm:
  12. By kjpweb. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @12:26pm:
    Darn - he's good! Very eloq, ah eleq, ah ell - well he can talk good!
    But Benny is so handsome in the white suit. Though Gee's idea with the cage match sounds pretty fine to me - have the two sort it out!
    Maybe a new league! The CEWL! Christian Evangelist Wrestling League.
  13. By ElMoney. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @01:01pm:
    I remember seeing EA on television while growing up. I have always liked the way he says "JEEESUSSS!"
  14. By Stavros. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @01:12pm:
    I live in the Akron, Ohio area where Rev. Ernest's HQ is located. He owns a 747 that, when he's in town, he parks at the local regional airport. Another interesting side note is what is on the grounds of the Grace Cathedral that John mentioned above. Ernest inheritted Rex Humbard's unfinished Space Needle-like tower when he bought the complex. The locals called it Rex's Erection or now Ernest's Erection. Read about it at http://www.illicitohio.com/illicitohio/rexserection.html
  15. By Sheldon. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @01:49pm:
    Do these guys hypnotize people into falling down, or do people fall down becuase they believe that is what they are supposed to do? Do people really believe they fell down because of some kind of supernatural force, or do they realize they are faking? If they know they are faking, how do they rationalize it? Do the same people that are faking also realize that there probably isn't a god?
  16. By Mr Me. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @02:37pm:
    Madness and we are the brainiacs among animals, yea right
  17. By phoberomys. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @03:41pm:
    This is where the term "pushover" comes from.
  18. By Schmittenhammer. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @06:04pm:
    I think there is something in the water in the Akron, Ohio area. I was born and raised in Cuyahoga Falls, a suburb of Akron Ohio. My brother knew and ran some with Rex's son Don Humbard. Supposedly Rex borrowed the money from the Teamsters (Jimmy Hoffa) to build the Cathedral of Tomorrow. Rex owned things of varied interest. He had a discount store (Shopper's Fair) next to the Cathedral, which I think is the buffet now. He also owned a girdle factory, a paint manufacturing business and broke every security law in his dealings. I had an Akron (Ohio) University law student tell me (20 years ago) they studied Rex's transactions in what not to do. The unfinished tower, A single slender tower of cement, a couple hundred feet high is still know affectionately today as "Rex's Erection". A co-worker of mine said he went to the Cathedral Buffet a couple years ago and Angley was there. He said Angley had on a lot of makeup on and appeared strange looking.
  19. By Don. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @09:04pm:
    Hard to believe that in this day and age, in a world where we can easily educate ourselves about each other, that there would be anyone naive enough to believe this crap.
    The other question is "How can we do something about it?"
  20. By Mary. Comment posted 27-Feb-2008 @09:10pm:
    Well, you might start with jackboots and a brown shirt and see if that gives you any ideas about what you "can do about it" ...
  21. By Q. Comment posted 28-Feb-2008 @07:42am:
    I remember seeing Ernest when I was little - a few decades ago - He must be 100 years old now but he looks exactly the same as he did then.
  22. By ripper. Comment posted 28-Feb-2008 @07:45am:
    When I see something about Benny Hinn I think Beni-Hana or Benny Lava and I get hungry while I start humming a tune.
  23. By Sidharth. Comment posted 08-Mar-2008 @07:35pm:
    Talk about Angley's Ministry and you will have thousands testifying to the reality of the healings and miracles. My friend got healed of juvenile arthritis.

    Ernest Angley can't heal an ant. Jesus is the Healer.

    I know first hand for I was healed of cancer of the bone and muscles [Ewing's Sarcoma] and that is how I came to know Christ [I come from the Hindu faith] Not that I care to witness to Ernest Angley [though his ministry is different from the "faith healers], what I am more concerned is about testifying that God heals.

    And I'm an Engineer and plan to do my doctorate. Faith overrides science.

    I challenge you to investigate his ministry. Many reporters have investigated his ministry and have testified to it's genuineness. One reporter came with her blind mother and she received full sight.

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