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Wednesday, 02 September, 2009

Balanced Bird

At Flickr: Look mommy... one leg.

I am not a photographer [ or even a pro photographer ] - I am just a simple Rocks Balancing Artist that love to take pictures of My Art - sometimes I get lucky to capture a good one - but most of the times the luck are not there . . . on this particular Piece - i was so lucky to get the shot [ for years i've been looking for this lucky shot .

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Slitting Wrists

Michele Bachman, on health care reform:

"What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn't pass."

Here's a fake slit wrist, for those who want that whacko Republican look without the pain and suffering.

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Found at Stupid Comics.

Why isn't that kid carrying one of the grocery bags?

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Levi Talks

Levi Johnson tells all: Daughter's ex-fiancee says Palin wanted to cover up his girlfriend's pregnancy.

In the next edition of Vanity Fair, the former fiancee of Palin's daughter, Bristol, will level new accusations against onetime Alaska Gov. and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin - positing that Palin even told her daughter that she'd adopt her baby to cover the fact that she was going to have a child out of wedlock.

Levi Johnston tells editors at Vanity Fair about the off-camera life of the woman who almost became vice president, revealing that the Palin family's home life was very different from what was presented in the mainstream media. "Even before she was nominated," Johnston writes, "there wasn't much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn't cook, Todd doesn't cook-the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school. Most of the time Bristol would help her youngest sister with her homework, and I'd barbecue chicken or steak on the grill."

According to Johnston, Palin rarely attended her son Track's hockey games, and she often complained about her job as governor, saying it was "too hard." She often fought with her husband, Todd, who slept in a separate room during the Republican National Convention. And, says Johnston, "there was a lot of talk of divorce in that house … times when Sarah and Todd would mention it and sound pretty serious."


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Church Advice

Found at LP Cover Lover:

I don't know if it's the same Rev. James Wade who was involved in an ATM card scam.

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Jail Time For Hooligans Who Interviewed Donkey?

In Azerbaijan: Jail threat for donkey bloggers.

Two bloggers from Azerbaijan are facing up to five years in jail after posting a video of a donkey giving a news conference on YouTube.

Shortly after the video was released, Andnan Hajizade and Emin Milli were held on hooliganism charges following a scuffle in a restaurant.

Their lawyer says the arrests were politically motivated. But authorities insist they are investigating a simple criminal case.

In the video, the donkey extols the benefits of living in Azerbaijan and praises the government for its positive attitude towards donkeys.

Watch the video here.

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Rapper Didn’t Get Educated

Remember that story from last week about the rap artist who got her education paid for by Warner Music?

It's all a lie.

The story was endlessly blogged and tweeted, heralded as an example of a heroic triumph by a girl from the projects over her evil record label. Credulous music-industry critics lapped it up...

One problem: Virtually everything about the Daily News' heartwarming "projects-to-Ph.D." story appears to be false.

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Quote Of The Day

Today's quote is from Google's request routers:

"Stop sending us traffic, we're too slow!"

And that's exactly what happened. But...

This transferred the load onto the remaining request routers, causing a few more of them to also become overloaded, and within minutes nearly all of the request routers were overloaded. As a result, people couldn't access Gmail via the web interface because their requests couldn't be routed to a Gmail server.

I didn't even notice the outage because:

IMAP/POP access and mail processing continued to work normally because these requests don't use the same routers.

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Egg In Egg

Free prize inside egg.

(via Bits & Pieces)

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No Thumb, No Service

In a post-911 world: Bank wants thumbprint from man with no hands.

While most banks require a thumbprint to cash a check from someone who doesn't have an account, a Tampa man says that policy was impossible to comply with.

Steve Valdez says he was shocked when he was told he had to put his thumbprint on a check written on his wife's Bank of America check. Valdez says the check was written to him with the same address he has on his driver's license. Although he had two forms of identification both with pictures, the bank still required Valdez to give a thumbprint before it would cash the check.

But that was impossible, because Valdez was born without arms and wears prosthetic devices.

According to Valdez, when he gave the teller the check, she said "Obviously you can't give a thumbprint." But Valdez says the manager refused to cash the check unless he did.

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LEGO House

A man is building a LEGO Brick House.

One man is building the dream, or at least wild fantasy, of many children. James May, a toy fanatic, is constructing a two-story house out of LEGO bricks. He's using 3 million bricks constructed out of 272 LEGO pieces each. As an added bonus, the house is located in a beautiful vineyard.

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Paper Pups

At Dog Art Today: Japanese Paper Awesomeness.

(via Nag On The Lake)

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Thursday, 03 September, 2009

Pepsi Residue Is Frog Or Toad

In Florida: FDA says residue is frog or toad.

The "disgusting" blob that Fred DeNegri's wife says she poured out of his Diet Pepsi can was probably a gutted frog or toad, the Food and Drug Administration said.

DeNegri was grilling in his backyard tiki bar in Ormond Beach, Florida, when he popped open a can of Diet Pepsi, took a big gulp and started gagging, his wife, Amy, said.

He emptied out the can down a sink but something heavy remained inside. His wife took over and shook the can over a paper plate until something resembling "pink linguini" slid out, followed by "dark stuff," Amy DeNegri said.

"It was disgusting," said Amy DeNegri, 55. "And now, what started out as a normal afternoon in our tiki bar has blown up into this crazy thing."

The DeNegris took pictures before calling poison control and the FDA, which showed up the next day to examine the can in question and collect it for lab testing.

The couple received a copy of the completed report last week from the Food and Drug Administration Office of Regulatory Affairs, which concluded the foreign matter appeared to be a frog or a toad. "The animal was lacking internal organs normally found in the abdominal and thoracic cavity," the report notes.

A Pepsi spokesperson said that it was virtually impossible for that sort of thing to occur.

Note: The photo shows the actual can. It's not just a random can of Pepsi with frog or toad residue.

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Eagle Repository

The U.S. has a National Eagle Repository.

The National Eagle Repository is located at Rocky Mountain Arsenal northeast of Denver, Colorado. Its purpose is to provide a central location for the receipt, storage, and distribution of bald and golden eagles that are found dead, and their parts. The eagles, and their parts, are shipped to qualified Native Americans for use in religious Indian ceremonies.

It is illegal for any individual to possess a bald or golden eagle, including its parts (feathers, feet, etc). The distribution of bald and golden eagles, and their parts to Native Americans is authorized by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and Regulations found in 50 CFR 22.

If you're a qualified Native American, you can request and eagle (or eagle parts) by filling out a form. But don't get too excited:

In 1995, there were approximately 3,000 more approved applications for eagles on file than there were available eagles.

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Official Seal

This blog now has an official seal.

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