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Thursday, 13 October, 2011

A Plan For Bisbee

This is from last year, but it's still irrelevant: Underground Skyscraper is a Self-Sufficient Desert City.

As we deplete our natural resources, we are left with huge gaping holes in the ground - scars from our open-pit mining exploits. Matthew Fromboluti of Washington University in St. Louis has a plan to heal those scars with an underground skyscraper that fills the hole and creates a self-sustaining community in its place.

His proposal, Above Below, is proposed to infill the 900-foot deep and nearly 300-acre wide crater left by the former Lavender Pit Mine outside of Bisbee, Arizona.

lavender pit

Once that negative skyscraper is built, Bisbonian could rent some space for his banjo factory.

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Wednesday, 12 October, 2011

Javelina Invasion

Today must be a joliday for javelinas. Three groups came through the yard this morning. Probably about 15-18 total.


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Saturday, 08 October, 2011

Big Egg Spill

In Arizona: Semi-Truck Rolls, Thousands of Eggs Spill on I-40.

eggs Drivers in Flagstaff started their day "sunny side up" after a truck carrying thousands of eggs lost its load.

One warning: we're about to "yolk" this story for all it's worth.

It wasn't quite the "crack" of dawn, but drivers found a rotten egg of a problem on Interstate 40.

A truck's driver lost control and slammed into a semi-truck hauling eggs to grocery stores. The crash sent thousands of eggs scrambling out of the truck.

"There's 350,000 and I'm guessing there's about 50,000 still useable," said Sgt. Stephen Robson of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Note to wormpicker: I'm pretty sure we've already done egg puns here, so don't bother chicken in with another stupid joke.

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Friday, 30 September, 2011

Tattoo Helps Cops

In Arizona: Face tattoos help ID suspect who fled during traffic stop.

A man was arrested after fleeing from police during a traffic stop.

The driver was identified based on records from the Motor Vehicle Division that indicate the suspect has tattoos on his face. He is identified as Albert Tejeda, 31.

Deputies caught up to the suspect as he was walking near Second Street and Cameron Avenue. He was allegedly carrying a duffle bag with a Samurai-style sword sticking out.


Let that be a lesson for those who are considering extreme facial tattoos.

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Friday, 23 September, 2011

Man Describes Crash

It's almost like you were there.

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Saturday, 17 September, 2011

Arizona Stamp Coming Next Year

This is pretty much what everyone in Arizona is talking about: Arizona centennial stamp unveiled by Postal Service.

The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled a first-class stamp commemorating Arizona's centennial in 2012.

Ed Mell, a native Arizona artist, created the stamp design, which depicts Cathedral Rock in Sedona. A 10- by 15-foot replica was displayed Friday afternoon outside the historic Prescott Courthouse.

"This majestic work of art shows the spectacular beauty of our state and the abundance of blessings Arizonans are fortunate to enjoy," Gov. Jan Brewer said.

az stamp 

The question is: Will there be any post offices left so you can buy one?

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Saturday, 10 September, 2011

Church Not What It Appears To Be

In Phoenix: Arizona church is house of prostitution, police say.

t1larg.goddess.temple A church called the Phoenix Goddess Temple has been accused of being a house of prostitution, and a six-month undercover investigation has resulted in the arrests of 20 women and men who worked there, Phoenix police said Friday.

Authorities are still searching for 17 more people -- all of whom have been indicted -- in connection with the prostitution enterprise, said Sgt. Steve Martos, a Phoenix police spokesman. The 20 people arrested so far have been charged with prostitution or other offenses, police said.

During a Wednesday search of the Phoenix temple and two church-related sites in nearby Sedona, police seized evidence showing that "male and female 'practitioners' working at the Temple were performing sexual acts in exchange for monetary 'donations,' all on the pretense of providing 'neo tantric' healing therapies," Phoenix police said.

Their web site is currently unavailable.

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Tuesday, 06 September, 2011

Bobcat Smiles

This morning, from the corner of my eye, I noticed something moving outside the office window. It was a baby bobcat, with it's mother. I asked the youngster to have a seat and smile, and it did.


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Monday, 05 September, 2011

Prison Visitation Fee

Again, Arizona is setting new standards for the world: Arizona prisons charge visitors $25 to see inmates.

prison-inside Visitors to Arizona prison are being charged $25 to see inmates in a move believed to be the first of its kind in the U.S., it has emerged.

Relatives and friends of prisoners arriving at the jail have to pay the one-off 'background check fee' on their first visit.

On the department's website, it declares: 'All adult visitors applying on or after July 20, 2011 must pay a one time, non-refundable, $25.00 background check fee in accordance with Department Order 911.'

It should be $25 per visit -- not just a one-time fee. No. wait! , $25 for 15 minutes of visitation. If you stay an hour, that's $100.

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Friday, 02 September, 2011

Actor Accused Of Killing Puppy

Celebrity news from Forbes: Actor Steven Seagal Sued for Driving Tank into Arizona Home, Killing Puppy.

seagalarpaio The story of Steven Seagal accompanying Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s raid on an Arizona man suspected of cock-fighting seems almost humorous. Almost, that is, until you think about police driving into your own home with a tank and killing your dog, which is what happened when Seagal drove a tank into Jesus Llovera’s house.

Seagal told a local radio station that animal cruelty was one of his pet peeves, and since the bust was an animal cruelty bust – which apparently requires the use of several armored cars, a tank, and dozens of sheriff’s deputies in full riot gear – Seagal decided to go along for the ride…and kill hundreds of roosters and a puppy in the process.

It turns out, of course, that Seagal was just joining the ranks of reality TV stars, blending the line between reality and television, and the line between entertainment and justice. And now he’s being sued to the tune of $100,000 by Llovera, who is also demanding a written apology from Seagal to his children for killing their puppy.

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Thursday, 01 September, 2011

Gun Raffle

Right here in Tucson: GOP assailed for gun raffle in Giffords' Ariz. district.

Glock23 Democrats and gun-control advocates condemned a Pima County Republican Party plan to raffle off the same brand of gun used in the Tucson shooting rampage that wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.

The GOP in Giffords' home district is "showing a shocking lack of judgment and sensitivity," Jeff Rogers, chairman of the Pima County Democratic Party, said Thursday. "The wounds are still healing (from the shooting), and this is like pulling a scab off a wound."

Caroline Brewer, spokeswoman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said it doesn't matter that it is legal to raffle a gun. "Where is their moral compass? It boggles the mind," she said. "This is insensitive to Rep. Giffords and all the families in Tucson involved in the shooting."

It's $10 per ticket, and they're only selling 125 tickets, so your odds of winning this $425 weapon aren't bad.

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Wednesday, 31 August, 2011

Why Arizona Is The Best

Claire Lawton came up with 50 Reasons Why Arizona is the Best State in the Country.

arizonaFor example:

  • Phoenix is home to the largest indoor laser tag arena in the world.
  • Arizona is the only place in the United States where mail is still delivered by mule in Havasupai, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright wintered here.
  • Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas at the Biltmore, where the Reagans honeymooned.
  • Muhammad Ali lives here.
  • So do (and did) Alice Cooper and Sandra Day O'Connor.
  • So did Barry Goldwater.
  • The original London Bridge is located in Lake Havasu City.

Impressive, eh?

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Monday, 29 August, 2011

Arizona Bull Run

Arizona might have it's very own running of the bulls! Cave Creek officials revoke bull-running sanction.

Cave Creek officials are distancing themselves from an Americanized running of the bulls that could take place in the town in October. Officials have revoked a permit that would have sanctioned the event.

The decision will not keep the project from moving forward, but it does protect the town's liability.

The activity would be similar to the annual bull run held in Pamplona, Spain, event officials said.

Mayor Vincent Francia said a special-event permit was revoked because promoter Phil Immordino would not provide sufficient insurance coverage.

With any luck, we can see something like this:


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Monday, 01 August, 2011

Big Birthday Bash

It's 236 years old: Tucson birthday celebration begins today.

August 1 launches a month of fun and insight aimed at binding our community together like a family birthday party, where everyone puts their differences aside and celebrates the guest of honor.

It's really very festive. Everyone I've seen is wearing a party hat.

tucson birthday

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Tuesday, 26 July, 2011

Tucson Zoo News

An incident at the Tucson Zoo is appearing at international news sites: Zoo apprentice resigns after poisoning giraffes, killing one.

A zoo official who was responsible for poisoning two giraffes, killing one, has resigned.

The unidentified apprentice at Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, accidentally mixed up the plants and gave the giraffes leaves from a deadly plant.

He was said to be 'horrified and devastated' by his mistake.

the apprentice accidentally mixed in the leaves of an Oleander plant with leaves from other plants and fed them to the giraffes. Oleander can be deadly if eaten by animals.

Watoto, the zoo's only male giraffe, died July 19 after eating the toxic leaves.


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Saturday, 23 July, 2011

Tucson’s Image Problem

Tucson, apparently, has an image problem. How can we fix that? Tucson’s image problem could be fixed with a good symbol.

symbol The problem is this: Tucson is the Eyesore of the country. We might as well put up a big sign at the airport saying, "thanks for noticing me." But while Winnie the Pooh's depressed, donkey sidekick comically downplays his own importance, Tucson seems to do the bare minimum when it comes promoting the region instead of presenting a unified vision of why Tucson matters.

When people think of Arizona, they think the Grand Canyon. When people think of Tucson, what do they think of?

Strip malls?

The 2007 book "Tourism and the Branded City," argues that successful city branding contributes to economic growth and happiness of its citizens. While the bulk of the book deals with the effect of a city's character on how it's portrayed in film, it highlights the emerging field of place branding.

Cities, like Coke or McDonald's, are now the focus of elaborate marketing efforts usually reserved for brand-name products. The concept is the same, if you don't control the image your brand conjures in your consumer's head, someone else will.

The author doesn't offer any suggestions for a symbol, but the article is accompanied by a cactus with a sign hanging on it. That's probably as good as any.

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Thursday, 21 July, 2011

Crotalus molossus

Last night, Pamn took a nice photo of this black tailed rattlesnake.


He was just slithering along, minding his own business.

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Tuesday, 12 July, 2011

Little Pink Gun

Interesting: Lawmaker points loaded gun at reporter in the Senate.

pink gun A state lawmaker known for championing the rights of gun-owners pointed a loaded firearm at the chest of a reporter during a recent interview at the Capitol.

Republican Sen. Lori Klein was showing off her raspberry-pink handgun when she aimed it at a journalist who was interviewing her in the lounge just outside the Senate chambers.

According to the story that was published Sunday in the Arizona Republic, Klein's .380 Ruger was loaded and did not have a safety to keep the gun from going off.

But Klein told the reporter, Richard Ruelas, that he didn't need to worry because, "I just didn't have my hand on the trigger."

No where in the story does the reporter say he felt threatened. But local gun activists contacted Sunday by the Arizona Guardian were shocked and appalled by the Senator's actions.

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