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Monday, 07 February, 2011

Get Ring Size

An Ask J-Walk question:

Dear Uncle,

My wife turns XX this month and I want to finally buy her a wedding ring (that's right, we never exchanged rings, didn't seem that important at the time).  Here's my problem - how do I secretly get her ring size?  She has no other rings to use for measurement.


Note: Name and age redacted to preserve the surprise element.

Just say: "Hey wife, let me make a plaster cast of your left hand. I've always wanted to do that, and we're not getting any younger." She'll probably agree to it. Then, take the plaster cast to the wedding ring store and tell the guy to sell you a ring that fits the ring finger on the plaster cast.


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Sunday, 23 January, 2011

Better Banana Buying Behavior

A food-related Ask J-Walk question has arrived:

bananas Dear Askman,

What is proper banana buying behavior?  Is it permissible to carefully examine each fruit in a bunch, discarding the ones you deem to be unacceptably flawed or does this practice evidence a self-centered disregard for one's fellow banana buyers?

(Not So) Mellow Yellow

Yes, it's perfectly OK to take only the bananas that meet your high quality standards, and leave the unacceptable bananas for customers who are not as discriminating as you.

And besides, most large grocery stores have a small group of monkeys in the backroom who will gladly eat bananas that aren't good enough for humans.

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Thursday, 20 January, 2011

Who Is Snooky?

An Ask J-Walk question:

I suddenly keep hearing about Snooky?  Who the hell is this Snooky dude?


I haven't heard of Snooky, but I don't get out much. Maybe Snooky is a topic of conversation at the office. Or maybe it's somebody that fiddlers talk about. I'm afraid I can't help you with this Snooky-related question.

Note: I resisted the urge to Google Snooky, because that's cheating and anyone can do that -- even if they only have an iPhone. And besides, this is Ask J-Walk, not Ask J-Walk To Google For Me.

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Sunday, 22 August, 2010

College Costs Question

MarkP writes:

You seem to have a lot of college under your belt? How did you afford it? Did your parents pay, or are you still paying off your student loans? My son is getting to be college age, and I think its going to put me in the poor house.

Yes, nine years of consecutive college is under my belt. I started back in 1971 -- and it was a completely different world back then. To be honest, I really don't recall the details.

For undergrad, I attended a state university (University of Missouri, Columbia). Somehow, I paid for it all myself (no parental contributions). It must have been really cheap back then. But I always had a part-time job. I vaguely recall some student loans, but they must have been minimal.

For grad school, I went to the University of Montana, Missoula. The entire time, I had teaching and/or research assistantships, which waived the out of state tuition premium. I also had part-time jobs the entire time. I don't think I had any student loans in grad school.

But like I said, things were different back then -- which I found out when my daughter became college age. The cost of one year of her college probably exceeded nine years for me.

The ultimate question: Was it worth it? Sure it was.

My degrees are in psychology -- which is not at all relevant to what I've actually done in my life to earn a living. But those college days were probably the best part of my life. I had some great friends, and we were all in the same boat: no money. But we always had a good time. But most of all, I learned how to think.

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Saturday, 22 November, 2008

Chinese Temple

Maureen submitted a question to Ask J-Walk:

What is a chinese temple called?


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Thursday, 12 June, 2008

Ask J-Walk Answers

It's time to answer some Ask J-Walk questions.

James: How come you don't do this feature anymore? Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

What are you talking about? I'm doing it right now.

James: Do you actually live IN the desert?

Yes, we are IN the desert. If the developers hadn't developed the land, it would be pristine desert. Fortunately, the lots in this neighborhood are pretty big, so there is still a lot of natural desert around us.

James: Are there places in Arizona that are or are not desert, and is there a line between them, or is it all the same?

Yes, there are places in Arizona that aren't desert. There's a ski area about 10 miles from our house, on the top of a mountain. But, by and large, Arizona is a terrible state. If you must move here, Phoenix is the place to go.

James: Do you have to do any yard work there? I know the pool needs maintenance, and I suspect that you pay someone to do it, like I would, but is there anything else that needs doing outside?

Actually, I do all of the pool maintenance and yard work. The pool is really easy. The yard work varies by season. I do a lot of tree trimming. The mesquite trees and palo verde trees would turn into giant bushes if left unattended. I'm training them to look like trees, so they'll make a nice shady canopy. Plus, there are lots of weeds. I've gotten to know them very well. I can't name them, but I know which ones can be pulled, and which ones require Roundup. Another maintenance task is filling up all the little holes. Desert creatures like to dig holes to stay cool.

In the summer, I like to wake up with the sun and do an hour or so of work before the heat is unbearable.

Lori: I have always wondered about the possibility of when/if we have a woman president, how will it affect talks with leaders in Iraq/Iran, The Al-Qaida? They hate women, so how are they going to deal with America if a woman is in charge??

Good question. Check back in 4-8 years when that question is relevant again.

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Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

Becoming An Ironworker

I received an "Ask J-Walk" email, and I have no answer.

I have been scouring the net for information on becoming an ironworker! Through some random act of google I ended up reading comments to a blog entry on your site! Do you know how one becomes an ironworker?

I live in Michigan and am looking to get my foot in the door in the crazy world of ironworking. I am currently an unemployed rough carpenter looking for any way to get into this field. There seems to be a lot of red (union) tape! I have walked beams at 40 feet and am looking to try it at about 700 more! Can you help a 25 yr. old out-of-work Michigan carpenter with the supply of any helpful information? I will be eternally grateful... thank you J-Walk!

Any ideas?

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Thursday, 07 June, 2007

Ask J-Walk

Time for some answers to Ask J-Walk questions.

Chris: It's been a long time (since October of last year) since you posted a compilation of answers to Ask J-Walk questions. Can we please, please, please have another installment?

Your wish is my command. I used to get a lot of questions, but lately they've fallen off. I'll dig through my email folder and see what I can find.

Ros: You are probably my last resort with this one. I work at a tertiary college library in Australia and we are running a "Stump the librarian" competition. Can you help? When spreadsheets were invented, why was the dollar sign chosen for use in absolute cell references? Why $ over, say, # or ^ or &?

I don't know. Using the $ symbol for an absolute cell reference in a formula originated in VisiCalc, and was picked up by Lotus 1-2-3, and eventually by Microsoft Excel. My guess is that it was just an arbitrary decision. That had to use a symbol that doesn't have a mathematical use. In addition to the options mentioned by Ros, they could have used ~, #, or !.

The tilde symbol (~) is often used to signify an approximation, which could be misleading. The pound sign (#) often means "number," which could also be misleading. The exclamation point can be confused with the number 1. That leaves the dollar sign.

Matt: If the diameter of a circle is 8' what is the circumference?

That would be 3 times the diameter, or 24'.

Bill: I was fascinated to see Heather's site and your blog postings. Are any of JC'S Girls seeking to find a man who shares their faith and values and might be ideally suited to make a marriage-oriented relationship?

Here's what I replied to Bill: "Yes, several of them have told me that they're looking for a good Christian man."

He replied back: "Can you advise how I might provide information about myself and pictures so they could contact me if they are interested?"

That's as far as I took it.

Peg: A few years ago I was receiving MP3 songs in my email and I had a choice of 1,3,5 songs to choose from either daily, weekly or monthly. I had a couple of these songs by new artists that I really liked. Can you tell me where I can possibly get these songs again. Since they were free the first time, I don't think I should have to buy them this time.

I'm not aware of any MP3-songs-via-email service, but I'm sure they exist. If you want to discover new music, there are hundreds of blogs that exist for that purpose. Two that I like are Aurgasm and Songs:Illinois. Here's a big list: MP3 Blog Listing.

An AOL User: What five letter word appears in the KJV only four times? It was made before Adam and named by Adam. Had no legs, arms or soul. Was given a soul and it was taken back.

Could it be SATAN? No, according to my Excel workbook bible, Satan appears 56 times. I gave up and cheated by googling it. The answer is WHALE.

JCRA: Who wrote the song, "I'll be Home For Christmas," and what year was it written?

A song titled "I'll Be Home for Christmas" was also copyrighted on August 24, 1943, by Kent (music) and James "Kim" Gannon (words). The two revised and re-copyrighted their song on Sep. 27, 1943, and it was this version that was made famous by Crosby. The label on Crosby's recording credits "I'll Be Home for Christmas" to Kent, Gannon, and Ram. Later recordings usually credit only Kent and Gannon. The discrepancy arose from the fact that on December 21, 1942 Buck Ram copyrighted a song titled "I'll Be Home for Christmas (Tho' Just in Memory)" although, it should be noted, that version bore little or no resemblance, other than its title, to the Crosby recording.

Trevor: Are you aware of the Georgia Guidestones John? It's a huge granite structure built like Stonehenge just outside Elmerton, Georgia ( I think ) that has the New World Order ten "Guides" carved in eight languages.

I am now.

Norm: If you're running Firefox 2.0, plug this text into your address bar: "about:Mozilla" (no quotes).


Bis: Do you know where Mark Foley is?

No, where is he?

Malc: What will happen if you connect a battery with 2.5 amp of current to a dvd player that only requires 1.5 amps but it has the same voltage?

The DVD player will power up?

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Thursday, 09 November, 2006

A Clinton Question

Today's reader question is from the ever-palindromic Trev-o-verT.

So what's our High Roller and ladies man Bill Clinton doing at a World Poverty Conference in Montreal with Mia Farrow, who still looks great at 63, and Belinda Stronach, Federal Canadian M.P. , who's reputation is suspect. And is he donating his Fee to the Fund to start the ball rolling? Just wondering...

I don't have an answer. I don't keep up with the Clintons. Here's the only link I could find. But Mia Farrow does indeed look great at 63.

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Wednesday, 08 November, 2006

Whipped Dollop Techniques

Most readers have discovered that I know just about everything there is to know. But, occasionally, I'm stumped. Here's a question from Nancy, a Canadian food stylist:

I am a former restaurant owner, professional cook who has reinvented herself as a food stylist in Canada. I have found much success over the past three years and feel that I have found my calling. I am about to spend a rainy afternoon in my test kitchen and today's challenge is to prefect the whipped topping dollop.

In the past, I have practiced on a flat surface until I like the look, then transport the dollop on an offset spatula. I would like to know if there is a technique for dollops either with a piping bag or whatever as I am sure there is some secret to perfecting the waves, folds, curl.

Like most people I known, I've always used an offset spatula to transport my dollops -- yet, deep down inside, I've always felt that there must be better way.


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Wednesday, 25 October, 2006

Ask J-Walk Answers

Some Ask J-Walk questions have been piling up.

Gerrit: You said in an interview: "I just can't stop thinking about Noah's Ark". Is there anything you would like to know about the ark? Maybe I can answer your questions, since I'm doing research on the subject for 30 years, a private initiative.

Yeah, how did all of those animal fit? And who cleaned up the mess. Do you think they missed any animals? Aren't you a little old to believe in children's stories?

Harry: Your point of view toward religion is similar to my own. Did you get there via evolution or revolution?

I attended 12 years of Catholic school. Deep down inside, I had a suspicion that it was all nonsense. But I kept quiet. Most of my life, I simply ignored religion. It's only been in the past few years that I truly realized how completely absurd it is.

An AOL member: could you help me find facts nabout new york city

Whenever I get a really stupid question, there's an excellent chance that it comes from an AOL email address. Why is that?

An AOL member: I have a Dish Pro 500, with 2 LNB's and one receiver. How do i hook up these wires?

Insert the male plug into the female jack.

Samantha Gandy and Diane McFarland: While during research on the net about my father, Thomas Emmett McFarland, I noticed your entry regarding Porky. You are incorrect in your statement that Our Gang became the Little Rascals on TV. Hal Roach studios produced the Little Rascals. MGM produce the Our Gang. Unfortunately, there is so much incorrect information on the net about Spank and his brother, Thomas Emmett, that the McFarland family must constantly monitor for false information. I kindly implore you to check your information before printing.

Thanks for the correction. The information I posed was from MSNBC. This is a blog, not a news organization. If I had to fact check everything I posted, I would have given up on this blog years ago.

Tim: What ever happened with the "Official Christian Spokesperson?" Was one named and I just missed it?

I didn't like the outcome of the vote, so I just dropped it. The Pope is just too boring to be an official spokesperson. I wanted Benny Hinn to win.

JC: Why did they eliminate hood springs? Used to be you flipped up your car hood and it stayed up by itself. Now you have to look for a rod to hold it up

My guess is that a spring broke and somebody got his head chopped off.

Tim: I noticed you changed your about blurb. It now reads: "The Web has thousands of halfway-decent blogs. This is one of them." I like it, though I would definitely say your blog is much better than halfway-decent. Do you really consider it only halfway-decent, or was that an attempt at self-deprecating humor.

It was a failed attempt at self-deprecating humor.

Kbar: All of this talk about banjos has gotten me interested. Who would you recommend that I listen to? Earl Scruggs?

There are actually three very different styles of banjo music: (1) tenor banjo, often used in Dixieland bands -- which I don't care for. (2) bluegrass banjo, exemplified by Earl Scruggs -- which is OK. (3) old-time banjo, often referred to as clawhammer or frailing -- which is my favorite. In my opinion, the best old-time players who are currently recording are Dwight Diller, Mary Z. Cox, and R.D. Lunceford. Mary Z's music is probably the most "listenable" for non-players.

James: What are your recommended security settings for Firefox, especially related to Java?

I don't think I've ever changed any security settings. I just use the defaults. And don't get me started with Java. I HATE Java on the Web. It should be banned.

Mean Jean: I've been hanging around here wasting my life for the better part of two years and it suddenly (!) dawned on me that you call the post "Sunday Caption CONTEST" but you never announce a winner. How come?

Because at the J-Walk Blog, everyone's a winner. But seriously: it's too much work to read them all and decide on the best.

KT: Did you have the chance to meet with the Bradfords while living in Sacramento (i.e., before moving to Arizona)? Where are the Bradfords now? Is JW-Blog able to track the Bradfords ?

I never lived in San Diego Sacramento, and I have no idea who the Bradfords are. But I am able to track them.

Robert: What happened to the Bush Computer Nerd post? Got nasty?

It got very argumentative -- and it was all my fault. I started the ball rolling by replying to the first comment. I should have ignored it.

John: Have you ever heard of that 1960's girl band called "The Shaggs?"

No I haven't, but I just looked them up: Their album Philosophy of the World was released in 1969. The Shaggs has often been considered the worst rock and roll band in the world (or the "best worst" by the New York Times), and this designation has made the band's one and only album a collector's item.

Kwong-Tak: Before you moved to Arizona, you had stayed in California ; Did you like to watch Arno's movies then?

No, I've never cared for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Monday, 04 September, 2006

An Ask J-Walk Question

An AOL User asks, How many teaspoons of sugar in 1 gram of sugar?

This one has me stumped. Can anyone help?

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Monday, 15 May, 2006

An Ask J-Walk Question

I guess you can expect email like this when your blog is the #1 hit at Google for "Miracle Spring Water."

Hello, My name is Mrs, Felicia xxxx, I am 23 year old, I live in The Bahamas, Well my questions is that i am watching your show one nite and i say to my self i really wat to try out the (Miracle Spring Water), Caues am married four about 10mouths now, I am trying to convices a baby's for about 3 years now, Cry......Well any way could u plzz send me The Miracle Spring Water. My address is its a P.O. Box xxxx Exuma Bahamas. Or You could E-Mail me at Feliciaxxxx@hotmail.com al be online at any time okay soo Al be hopeing to hear from you soon.

Felicia, this is your lucky day. A case of Miracle Spring Water is on its way. I sent it overnight delivery, so you should have it on Tuesday. By the way, I'm glad you enjoy my show.

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Tuesday, 02 May, 2006

Muslims Questions

An Ask J-Walk question:

Richard: what do musilims walk around 7 times? what is the black stone called that the throw stones at? do they sacrifice sheep?

Well duh! When a Muslim arrives in Makkah, he should perform Tawaf around the Ka'abah, as a gesture of greeting Al-Masjid Al-Haram. This is done by circling the Ka'abah seven times in the counterclockwise direction, starting from the Black Stone with Takbeer, keeping the Ka'abah to one's left. Then the pilgrim goes to Maqam Ibrahim (Ibrahim's Station), and performs two rak'ah behind it, near to it if possible, but away from the path of the people making Tawaf. In all cases one should be facing the Ka'abah when praying behind Maqam Ibrahim.

Of course they sacrifice sheep. All true religions sacrifice sheep. That's why Christianity is a sham.

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Tuesday, 21 March, 2006

My Answers

My answers to your Ask J-Walk questions.

Several: Hey, what happened to the Blogmeister picture of the day? Now it changes whenever I refresh the page.

I just got tired of doing it. When I reached the 300th image, I figured it was a good time to stop. So now those 300 images appear randomly.

pat: How do you deal with image hot-linking?

Until recently, I just ignored it. But not too long ago I added some code to my .htaccess file that prevents other site from displaying my images. I made exceptions for a few online RSS readers and Whole Wheat Radio. For details, do a Web search for htaccess image hotlinking.

Jim: What's your take on the myspace.com fad that has erupted in the last few months?

I've pretty much ignored it. I saw an article at the Alexa blog called MySpace... Taking Over the World. Myspace.com is now in the top-10 most popular site list.

Every time I've ever visited a MySpace site, I'm turned off and don't stick around. It just seems like a bunch of kids having fun. But I had no idea it was so popular.

Ross: What are the skies like in Arizona, do they go on forever? do they have many little or fluffy clouds? Or have I been lied to?

Arizona skies are beautiful. Sometimes they have little fluffy clouds. Sometimes they don't. One thing I like is that there aren't many planes flying overhead -- at least where I live.

Doug: Can you make external links open in a new window? Or is this e-e-evil? I go off on a tangent following your interesting links and get too far down the road to backup to your blog.

I prefer to the let the user decide how links open. If you want a new Window, press Shift while you click the link. Better yet, use a browser that has tabs.

PD: JW, been here with you for a few years. Really enjoyed your stuff....every day. Though lately, it seems, there's a religious piece almost every day. While I know, as well as you, there are a lot of nuts out there, can't you go a week without it? Seems like you're addicted lately. Did something happen recently that really pissed up your ass about religion? Seems like your site has gone from fun stuff to a daily anti-religion + a couple extras blog. Just curious, as I used to check out your blog every day, without fail, and now it has widened to checking it once a week. Does it offend me...no. Do religion topics get stale quickly...yes. Whats up?

I've talked about this many times before. I post stuff that interests me. Religion interests me because it's so widespread, yet it's nothing but superstition. People talk about their religion as if there's actually some basis to it. I find that fascinating. It doesn't bother me at all if people stop reading this blog because they don't like the content. That's exactly how blogs work.

biff: About those Google ads. You get a "royalty" for every click-through, right? Well, what's to stop you from sitting there all day just clicking the ads and rolling up the dough?

It's called "click fraud," and Google has a way of detecting it. If that happened, I would very quickly be banned from displaying those ads.

An AOL user: How do I make an e mail new and erase one name from it, and move up another name? It is a Resipe exchange and we only have two names to deal with. I am supposed to send my resipe to the first name and then make the e mail new, take off the first name and then move up the next one and then add my name. Thanks.

I suppose you need to edit the email addresses in the To: field.

Herbert: 62% of Canadian women have done it. what is it?

That's an old question, and I don't think it has an answer. Maybe it does, but I don't know it.

jay: What ever happened with your fax-spam / junk fax situation?

I gave up. I realized that the junk faxers can do whatever they want, and it's not worth the time or effort to try to get them to stop. Obviously, they have enough money to buy the laws that allow them to continue, so there's nothing I can do about it.

Chris: Do you ever get days, where like, everything you find just sucks. And you say, well... I gotta print something today, might as well be crap - if I just didn't publish I there would be all these unsatisfied fanboys.

Yes. Coincidentally, today was such a day.

Rix: I like what you did with Excel and the Bible. have you ever thought of trying to put the CIA's World Factbook into Excel? They have a mostly text version, but I expect it would still be some work to extract meaningful pieces.

I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. I've done enough useless work importing the Bible into Excel.

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Friday, 27 January, 2006

Real Questions, Real Answers

Time to clear out the Ask J-Walk mailbag.

Mark9: Is that CNN article about you really true?

Mark9 is referring to this piece, from last July. Most of it is true, but the part about watching Mass on TV is a complete fabrication.

Don: We hear so much about prescription drug plans and worries aboutinsuring everybody against rising medical costs. But I think we hear too little (nothing?) about why those costs are so high and getting ever higher to start with. The nightly news commercials are predominantly "ask your doctor about..." ads. If I have to tell my doctor how to treat me, I think I really need a new doctor. You are so clever at digging up facts. Would you consider having one or more blog entries that include answers to the following:

1) How much does a drug company pay for a 30-second spot on NBC nightly news? 2) How many such commercials run in a 30-day period? Stick with just NBC if you like. 3) What percentage of most drug company spending is for commercials and what percentage for research? (They are always harping about the enormous expense of developing a new drug.) 4) How much money did drug companies donate to candidates of either party in the 2004 election?

How should I know? Like Britney Spears, I trust that George Bush is doing the right thing.

Doug: Now that you've finished the 50 states, are you going to start again with countries of the world?

Doug is referring to the recent State Impressions series. Several others have suggested that we discuss one country per day. It would be good for me, because I know practically nothing about other countries. If 10 people post a comment saying that they like the idea, I'll do it.

Kim: I would like to start up my own blog as I enjoy it so much but wonder where you visit to get such great links?

The exact techniques I use is a trade secret. However, a key element is my creative mind.

AOL User: i have been doing a job for the last 15 months standing in for someone while they was off sick do i have any rights to this job the person is now fit to come back

I'm not a human resources legal expert, but I'd say no. I hope your job doesn't involve writing.

Petunia: I enjoy brainteaser-type puzzles. Given the success of the impossible questions that you pose as measured by the comments, would you consider creating a regular feature puzzle? Maybe on a weekly basis?

That's far too much work. However, your puzzle contributions are welcome.

Today's puzzle: Find a blog that specialize in puzzles.

Dale: I bookmarked this blog, and I'm thinking I did that because on emusic you're "beachdog" or "blues_hound." Is that right? I'm "denver."


A Different AOL User: My sister and I went to someone's house to talk to them about a bill they owe. The laddy, my sister and I were talking and herson got mad and pulled a gun out, cocked and pointed it at me and my sister. We ran to my car were my two children were and took off. Then I called the police. My question is what charges will be brought a gainst him. My husband thinks it will be attempted murder, I think it will be assault with a deadly weapon. who is right and how long will he go to jail. I am scared he may come to my house when he gets out, so I hope he will be put away for a long time. Please tell me all you know.

I'm not a lawyer or a law enforcement worker, but I'd say he'll go up on an assault with a deadly weapon charge, and he'll be in jail for 120 days.

James: I use Firefox, and on some sites the CTRL+Click to open a link in a new tab does not work. This is especially true at the Drudge Report. Right clicking and choosing "Open link in new tab" does work. Is this done on purpose? And if so, how?

I never use Ctrl+Click. I always click the scroll button and I've never had a problem like the one you describe. Does anybody have an ideas?

Anibal: Can you re-post the link to the page of that german (I guess) photographer specialized in extreme close ups of famous people?

I think it was this site, featuring photos by Martin Schoeller.

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Thursday, 12 January, 2006

An Ask J-Walk Question

A simple question, and a simple answer:

kimb: Yes or No question: If you were diagnosed with a possibly fatal illness, would you want people to pray for your healing?


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Friday, 30 December, 2005

J-Walk Answers

I haven't done this for about six weeks.

Fritz: What is your opinion of the Google Web Accelerator?

I installed it when it was first released. I didn't notice any difference, so I uninstalled it. I like to keep my system as lean as possible, so I tend to avoid add-ons -- especially when they don't seem to make any difference.

Ray: I saw where you mentioned you grew up in St. Louis and went to Mizzou as well. I grew up in Affton....graduated from Affton High School. Curious where you went to high school and what part of St. Louis you grew up in.

Small world. I also grew up in Affton and attended Bishop DuBourg High School. Here's a link to the school song.

biff: I was wondering if you ever sent the source code for the PUP utilities to that prison inmate?

biff is referring to this entry, posted last September. I went so far as to print out a lengthy file for the guy. It sat on my desk for a few weeks, then I threw it away. So the answer is no.

AOL user: Could you please tell me where and when was W. C. Fields birthday? Can you send me a small picture of him for my son?

Wow, I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for that type of information. But I do have a small photo that I keep in my wallet. Feel free to make a copy for yourself.

MJ: Do you by any chance still have the two very high resolution Tomb Raider promo photos?

MJ is referring to this two-year old entry: Angelina Jolie Super Hi-Res. Yes, I still have those photos, but I don't want to make them available anymore.

Bert: Why not create a message board to help us J-Walk Blog fanatics communicate with each other? Your board brought you and Toad together. Why not give everybody else the chance?

Such a message board already exists. See the Junkies link in the left margin.

Doug Nelson: About a million years ago you gave permission for me to use some of your maritime images for one of our retouching challenges. Someone just submitted another one today, and I thought you might like to see how they all came out.

Thanks! I'd forgotten all about that. Nice work.

Kenneth Slem: I ran across someone who goes by the name Slem, one of your comment giver's and I wondered If you could pass along my email address in the case that Slem would like to contact a Kenneth Slem.

Slem? Are you still here?

gb: What colour is a black cow's hair?

I'd say black, but it's probably a trick question. So I'll change my answer to white.

ker: When you start writing all of those Excel books, will you still have time to work on the blog every day?

Yeah, I think so. Yesterday I signed my name 32 times on four copies of four contracts, so I'll be writing four books in 2006. But there's no way I can work on them without taking breaks. You'll probably notice a decrease in the number of posts, but I don't have any plans to abandon this blog as long as I can keep pulling in $75 - $80 per month!

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