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Wednesday, 31 October, 2007


  • Google: $700 per share
  • Gold: $800 per ounce
  • Oil: $90 per barrel
  • Homes: Cheap

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The Miracle Of Salt

Jody tried this, and he said it works: How to Turn Cheap "Choice" Steaks into Gucci "Prime" Steaks.

It's pretty simple, actually. Just massively salt your steak, let it sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse off the salt, pat it dry, and grill it.

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Horror Radio

I posted this link last Halloween, and the site is still up: Old Time Horror Radio.

Thought you had seen everything, all those old movies and television shows two or three times even? Well you probably haven't experienced old time radio! This media is so old, it is refreshingly "brand new" to many of us. Here, we present 100 of our favorite horror theme stories, from shows like Witch's Tale, Lights Out, Innersanctum, Quiet Please, The Haunted Hour and others.

(Thanks to Kloss for finding it)

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Future Flood In Baghdad?

As if things aren't bad enough over there: Iraqi Dam Seen in Danger of Deadly Collapse.

The largest dam in Iraq is in serious danger of an imminent collapse that could unleash a trillion-gallon wave of water, possibly killing thousands of people and flooding two of the largest cities in the country, according to new assessments by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other U.S. officials.

Even in a country gripped by daily bloodshed, the possibility of a catastrophic failure of the Mosul Dam has alarmed American officials, who have concluded that it could lead to as many as 500,000 civilian deaths by drowning Mosul under 65 feet of water and parts of Baghdad under 15 feet, said Abdulkhalik Thanoon Ayoub, the dam manager. "The Mosul dam is judged to have an unacceptable annual failure probability," in the dry wording of an Army Corps of Engineers draft report.

And, not surprisingly:

A U.S. reconstruction project to help shore up the dam in northern Iraq has been marred by incompetence and mismanagement, according to Iraqi officials and a report by a U.S. oversight agency to be released Tuesday.

It's in the hands of Allah.

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Starting A New Day

I saw this screen capture at the Microsoft Excel blog: Excel Services: Combining the EWA and API using AJAX.

I have no idea what the article is about, but I like the idea of having an option when you wake up each morning.

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SC Pitchfork

Here's an odd item at Amazon: SC Pitch Fork.

Product Description

Nunc eget sem. Nulla quis justo in nisl pharetra auctor. Donec condimentum, mauris a ultricies pharetra, mauris elit dictum nunc, vel viverra erat felis sit amet est. Aliquam tincidunt. Aenean velit quam, laoreet vitae, interdum ac, pellentesque nec, sem. Sed auctor. Donec sem libero, varius nec, eleifend eu, faucibus eu, velit. Curabitur leo pede, accumsan vitae, rutrum ut, luctus vitae, pede. Vestibulum sed nulla.

Unfortunately, it's not currently available.

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Grilled Cheese And Bacon Sammich

Josh Ozersky writes: Grilled Cheese and Bacon and Me. If you thought making such a sandwich would be a simple matter, think again.

In its platonic form, it is surely the most perfect sandwich ever created. Three separate fats -- margarine, milkfat, and savory bacon lard - conjoin to create a prismatic aurora of pure satisfiability.

Then there is the contrast between the smoky, salty sweetness of the bacon with the muted sharpness of the cheese.

Finally, there is the exquisite opposition between the rugged crunch of bacon, and the viscous oneness of the cheese in which it is suspended - to say nothing of the contrast of both with carefully browned bread.

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Cellphone Carriers

Most of these are fairly obvious to anyone who has a cellphone: 10 Reasons to Hate Cellphone Carriers.

  1. They stifle progress
  2. They're a cartel
  3. They're going to make you pay for Tetris
  4. They just can't behave themselves
  5. They illegally spy on you
  6. They have annoying commercials
  7. They hate you
  8. Their contracts are nonsense
  9. They charge crazy fees (for services you didn't ask for)
  10. They lock handsets
  11. They cripple their products
  12. They charge double for data
  13. They own politicians
  14. Their products suck

I guess four of those are bonus reasons.

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Holy Highway

If you live near Interstate-35, you're in for a treat: 'Highway of Holiness' Counters Impure Culture.

A counter-culture initiative in cities along the I-35 highway is seeking to bring spiritual reformation in American culture.

For 35 days of the "I-35: Highway of Holiness" initiative, at least 12 cities along I-35 will host 24-hour prayer rooms. The initiative is part of the Light the Highway movement and will be held Oct. 28 - Dec. 1 along the 1,500-mile length of I-35, with events from Laredo, Texas, to Duluth, Minn. - the ends of the interstate.

"We want to start to build a Highway of Holiness for God that unites our nations, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, and eventually extends around the world," said Cindy Jacobs, founder of Light the Highway, in a statement. Light the Highway is a movement to bring spiritual reformation to cities, then regions and finally nations.

Throughout the campaign, young people will hold "Purity Sieges" where they "lay siege" by praying at sites of impurity in their cities, such as abortion clinics and pornography stores.

More at the official Light The Highway site.

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Historical Product Placements

At Fark: Photoshop product placement into historic events.

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Insect Candy

Perfect for trick-or-treaters: Insect Candy.

The scorpion suckers would probably go over very well here in Tucson.

(Thanks m.c.)

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Advances In Sleeping Capsules

A student project: Napshell.

"napshell" is the sleeping capsule as design object. It's powerful shape acts as eyecatcher that attracts Attention to itself. This leads to a playful engagement with the in Germany still unknown topic of Power-Napping.

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Experience Zen.

(via Bifurcated Rivets)

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Another Bush Cronie Jumps Ship

They're dropping like flies: Longtime Bush adviser leaving State Dept.

Karen Hughes, who led efforts to improve the U.S. image abroad and was one of President Bush's last remaining advisers from the close circle of Texas aides, will leave the government at the end of the year.

Hughes told The Associated Press that she plans to quit her job as undersecretary of state and return to Texas, although improving the world's view of the United States is a "long-term challenge" that will outlast her.

How'd she do?

Polls show no improvement in the world's view of the U.S. since Hughes took over.

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Pumpkins Are Not Food

Taxation news: Iowa taxman eyes jack-o'-lanterns.

The Iowa Department of Revenue, often accused of trying to squeeze blood out of turnips, is now searching for pennies in pumpkins.

A new department policy this year has made Halloween jack-o'-lanterns subject to the state sales tax, and many Iowa pumpkin growers are feeling tricked.

Renee Mulvey, the department's spokeswoman, said officials decided that pumpkins are used primarily for Halloween decorations, not food, and should be taxed. Previously, they had been considered an edible squash and exempted from the tax.

As a result, the department ruled that pumpkins are taxable if they are advertised for use as jack-o'-lanterns or decorations, or if it's understood that they will be used for that purpose.

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Olive Garden Comics

Comics drawn by a guy who worked at an Olive Garden restaurant.

For about a year, I worked as a host in an Olive Garden restaurant. During that time, I made the following strips. Each strip is completely true, except for people's names, which have been changed so that they don't get mad at me.

Here's one called The Best Question:

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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Cocaine Guitar

Here's a guitar made of pure cocaine.

La Repubblica have a story and pictures about a 30-something guy who flew from Costa Rica to Fiumicino airport in Rome with a guitar (a black Squier Strat, with the label still on the scratchplate) and 10 thermos flasks in his luggage. The customs official noticed white powder leaking out of the guitar which tested positive for cocaine. Cocaine in solution was also found in the thermos flasks - a total of 2.5m worth

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DIY Rosary

Instructions on How to make a rosary.

The first task in making a Rosary is assembling all of the necessary parts. You will need:

  • 59 beads
  • 59 "Eye" Pins
  • 3 Small Rings
  • 1 Crucifix (with ring)
  • 1 Center Piece
  • 8 inches of chain

The only tools you will need are a pair of pliers, the slim Round-Nosed type, and a pair of sharp scissors.

A word of warning: The Rosary is Blasphemy Against God!

The rosary is a damnable heresy, nowhere taught in the Word of God. I am saddened that so many people have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the damnable teachings of the Roman Catholic religion. I say "damnable teachings" because they are NOT based upon the Bible, but rather upon traditions and superstitious fairytales (like Fatima).

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