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Friday, 28 May, 2004

Google Domain Names

Here's a list of recent domain name registrations that include the word "Google."

By my count, 485 google-related domain names were registered in the first 25 days in May. Just a few examples:


(via The Presurfer)

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J.J. Cale

This morning's San Diego Union-Tribune has an article about J.J. Cale: J.J. keeps up the pace, as unhurried as it is.

Today, John Jaques Cale is 65, slender as a teenager and happy to maintain a lifestyle as laid back as his earthy, easygoing music.

Yet, while he has always been the retiring kind - at least when it comes to maintaining any kind of public image - he has no intention of stepping back from music.

He also has no intention of speeding up his unhurried pace, as evidenced by the fact that his fetching new album, "To Tulsa and Back," is his first new studio release in eight years. That's one year longer than the seven-year stretch between his previous two albums.

Here's a link to the full interview on which the article was based. And here's the Offical J.J. Cale Website.

A new CD will be available early next month.

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Monster Origami

How to make origami models of famous monsters.

Shown here is Rodan.

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Terrorism News

From The Daily Farce: Major Terrorist Attack Coming Sometime This Year Somewhere In The U.S. Killing An Unknown Number Of People.

John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller will announce today in a press conference at 11am PST that the United States needs to brace itself for another major terrorist attack happening sometime in the Summer or Winter or Fall or Spring either in LA, New York, Boston, or any city in any of the states targeting either airports or malls or convention centers or retail outlets or restaurants or sidewalks, killing between 1 dog, 2 cats and perhaps up to 1 million people or more or less.

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Thursday, 27 May, 2004

FOX News Desktop Wallpaper

Who in their right mind would want FOX News Desktop Wallpaper on their computer? I guess it could be used as a nasty joke for an officemate.

Here's just one of many available images:

(via Tom McMahon)

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How To Lower Gas Prices

Courtesy of David Letterman (although he has no idea he is being so courteous): Top Ten Ways Dumb Guys Would Lower Gas Prices.

10. Sell gas by the half-gallon

9. Sneak up to gas stations in the middle of the night and switch the price numbers

8. Cut out that expensive ingredient that gives it that delicious gas smell

7. Forget OPEC, start getting oil from Wal-Mart

6. Step one: Oprah buys all the gas. Step 2: Oprah gives the gas away.

5. Build time machine, drive back to 1965 when gas was cheap.

4. Fill car with root beer. Cars won't know no better.

3. Release the recipe so people can make their own

2. Drive really fast so you're not driving so long

1. Invade Iraq

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Shapes of Citrus

Photos of oddly-shaped citrus trees at the Bonfante Gardens.

The Circus Trees were originally grown and created by Axel Erlandson, son of a Swedish immigrant. Inspired by observing a natural graft between two sycamore trees, Erlandson began to shape trees using intricate techniques. His techniques resulted in woven wonders made from living wood. The branches were carefully bent rather than cut and became complex and compound designs.

This one is called Revolving Door.

Important update: I can't read. These are actually CIRCUS trees, not citrus trees.

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Is Email Dead?

Earlier today Zaine Ridling posted a link in a comment to a PC Magazine column by John Dvorak: The Death of E-Mail.

Business e-mail still seems to be flourishing, but personal e-mail appears to be on the decline. I myself have noticed that my e-mail in-box, once the spam is removed, contains fewer messages than it did a few years ago. More interesting to me is that I'm actually starting to see an increase in snail mail, especially from readers. Two or three years ago everything was done by e-mail. This is no longer true.

He makes some good points, and I tend to agree. 95% of my email is spam, and I have no idea how many emails I get that are accidentally deleted as spam. And when I send an email, I figure that there's about a 50% chance that it will ever be read. In short, email has turned into a very unreliable form of communication.

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Dave Winer Should Know Better

Dave Winer, the guy who does Scripting News, writes:

I did something realllly stupid this morning, I installed a free program that offered me a choice: $29.95 with no ads or $0 with ads. Since I was just checking it out, I opted for the $0 version. I figured a few ads, no problemmo. If I like it I'll pay the bucks. Big big mistake. Popups all over the place. Tons of virusware installed. I expect to be digging out all day.

The program he installed? Kazaa.

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Mannequin Gallery

Visit the Mannequin Gallery, and you'll get exactly what you expect: Mannequin photos.

Warning: Lots of plastic nudity.

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Long Bets

The Long Bets Foundation.

Long Bets is a public arena for enjoyably competitive predictions, of interest to society, with philanthropic money at stake... This website provides a forum for discussion about what may be learned from the best and their eventual outcomes.

Here are a few of the predictions that you can bet on:

  • By 2020, bioterror or bioerror will lead to one million casualties in a single event (49% agree)
  • Music CDs compatible with current (2002) CD players will still be sold regularly in 2015 (52% agree)
  • By the year 2150, over 50% of schools in the USA or Western Europe will require classes in defending against robot attacks (14% agree)
  • As of March 7th, 2005, Osama bin Laden is dead (63% agree)
  • The Long Bets Foundation will no longer exist in 2104 (54% agree)

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Plastic Army Men

Lots of photos of Classic Plastic Army Men.

There are many types of plastic soldiers available, and have been many more produced in years past. Only a few are true classics. The soldiers that started it all, and the ones that carried the ball are relatively few compared to hobby figures, playset figures, imports and others. The classics of which I speak were available in every five and ten store, every general store and toy shop. Packed in clear plastic bags with a few vehicles and accessories, the "by the bag" toy soldiers are the genuine item.

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Human Experience Algorithm

From Rev. Luke Anthony Murphy: Universal Algorithm for Basic Human Experience. Fill out the form and see a chart.

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Warning Signs

From Kibo: Orange Cones: Introductory Rant.

Now, I love peds, and I know you do too. You've seen 'em everywhere. And once you start looking for funny ped signs to photograph, you spot even more of 'em. When peds first flooded the world about twenty years ago they were typically seen walking around, sitting down, etc. These days, they've been showing up in situations of dire peril: a ped is the modern way of indicating "Warning! You could be crushed -- JUST LIKE THIS!"

The caption for the sign shown here translates to:

"Caution: Do not allow kids to drink soy sauce directly from the bucket!"

These warning signs led him to explore orange cones, and he has several galleries of those too.

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Eyewitness To History

History buffs might like this: Eyewitness to History.

Your ringside seat to history - from the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it.

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A Young SRV Clone

Trey Tosh is a 13 year old blues guitar prodigy from Fresno -- and a Stevie Ray Vaughan clone.

(Thanks Karl Peterson)

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A Dot Per Day

Ron Lent keeps track of his life by displaying a new dot every day: Days I've Been Alive Represented By Dots.

It's done with a simple Javascript program. It would be a lot more impressive if he edited the HTML every day.

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Check out the Museum of Chimpography.

Archived here are photographic images of chimpanzees from our extensive private collection. The continuing goal of our museum is to collect and display these works for the personal viewing and enjoyment of our visitors.

(via Sarcasmo's Corner)

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