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Wednesday, 19 August, 2009

Truck Spill Photos

Do you like looking at photos of truck spills? If so, here's a site that features photos of trucks spills. It's called Truck Spills.

Every day trucks pass us on the highway and we are completely unaware of what they may be carrying. But when one overturns, we get a peek into what is being carted around right under our noses. Sometimes, it's just a common item that we're not accustomed to seeing spilled on the road. Sometimes, it's a truck full of things we never thought about being hauled around by the truckfull.

Here's a photo of a truck spill that involved rabbits:

On April 16, 2007 a truck carrying 5,000 bunnies to a slaughterhouse overturned in Hungary. The accident closed the main highway between the capitals of Hungary and Austria for hours. The vehicle carrying the bunnies was struck by another truck when that driver fell asleep. Most of the rabbits were hopping around the freeway, but some stayed in their broken cages. Unfortunately, about 500 rabbits were killed (in the accident, the rest were killed later). The good news is that about 100 bunnies hopped away and were not captured.

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