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Friday, 27 May, 2005

A Blog With No Readers

Fresh from the Ask J-Walk mailbag. One reader, Craig, asked several questions about blogging.

Nobody ever looks at my blog, maybe it's not as great as yours, but how did you promote your blog?

When I first started this blog, the only way people learned about it was from my other site -- the Spreadsheet Page. That site attracts a lot of visitors, and some of them checked out my blog. A few of those stuck around and they are now loyal J-Walkers.

Over the years, lots of other bloggers have linked here. Technorati finds 1,597 links from 916 sources. I make it a point to list my sources. All bloggers look at their referrers, so I think I've gotten lots of linkage because of that. This blog is also well-positioned in Google because my Permalink pages are short and contain no extraneous material (such as sidebars).

Every once in a while I'll create a humorous page which contains a link to this blog. Examples include the Nigerian E-Mail Conference, Spam University, and more recently, Google Content Blocker. These tend to attract quite a bit of attention, and some people find this blog as a result.

J-Walk Blog has also been mentioned in a few lists (e.g, BlogPulse 2004 Year in Review, and even in PC Magazine's Top 101 Websites). These tend to produce a spike in visitors, and a few of them actually come back.

How many hits a day do you receive?

My stats are available here. I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are, but on a typical weekday about 5,000 - 6,000 people come here. That doesn't include those who read it via RSS. I think the vast majority of visitors get here from Google. They read one article, and never come back. My best guess is that there may be around 1,000 - 2,000 people who visit here on a regular basis.

My blog is a blog of blogs where I try to post a different blog each day. Silly... I know.

I wouldn't call it silly. There are lots of "xxxx of the day" sites that are very popular. In looking at your site, I notice that you don't actually post every day. Maybe that's the problem. The most successful blogs have lots of new material, seven days a week.

Only my mother and my brother-in-law look at it. Two hits a day. Wow! But I have been doing it for months now and still nobody looks at it. Is it that lame of a blog?

Well, two hits a day is more than some blogs get. If your family keeps coming back, I guess you're doing something right. I suspect that most blogs are abandoned within two weeks. Keeping it for five months is pretty good.

People blog about all kinds of lame stuff, yet they get more hits than I do. Should I give up? Am I wasting my time?

I guess the question is, what do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Do you want tons of hits, or just a few loyal followers? Then ask yourself why would anybody visit? What do you offer that's not available elsewhere? The big question: Do you enjoy doing it? If not, then you are definitely wasting your time. And remember, it's all relative. Compared to the top blogs, the J-Walk Blog is small potatoes.

I invite others to visit Craig's blog, blOgOblOg, and provide some constructive feedback. I'll start. You definitely need an "About Me" link. Whenever I visit a blog, I always want to know about the person behind it. And I don't see an RSS feed.

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