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Wednesday, 26 December, 2007

Toaster Keeps Toasting

Traditionally, the day after Christmas is a slow news day. Evidence: Crumbs! The toaster that's still going 56 years on.

When Joan Lopes picked out a shiny silver toaster as a present for her parents, little did she realise it would still be working some 56 years later.

Since she bought it in 1951, the simple but stylish two-slicer has browned to perfection thousands of pieces of bread - along with the occasional teacake - serving three generations of the same family.


It's a British-made Morphy Richards. They still make toasters, but it's very unlikely that one you buy today will still be making toast in 2063. In the late 1950s, someone realized that manufacturing toasters with a 2-year life span was a much better business model.

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