The Web has thousands of halfway-decent blogs. This is one of them, from Tucson, AZ. [More].

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a blog?

The word blog is derived from the term weblog. A weblog is a web site that is frequently updated with new items. The items are almost always displayed in reverse chronological order (newer items at the top).

Blogs can be about any topic. The J-Walk Blog is best described as a "cool link" type of blog -- although it also features links that aren't cool, as well as some personal thoughts and observations.

How does this work?

When I find something interesting or have something to say, I'll post an item to this blog. The newest item is always at the top, and the posts from each day are separated by a banner that shows the date.

What's a Permalink?

At the bottom of each item, you'll find a link called "Permalink." Click this link, and the item will be displayed by itself on a page. That page has a unique URL, so you can use that URL if you'd like to send the link to someone.

How come some items don't have a category?

Prior to 30 December, 2003, I used different blogging software that didn't support categories. Consequently, items posted prior to that date are in the "Uncategorized" category. It's far too much trouble to go back and change them all.

Can I add a comment?

Yes, click the Comment link at the bottom of the entry that you would like to comment on. Enter some identifying information (it can be fake) type your comment, and click the Submit button. Not all items support comments.

How do I add a picture to my comment?

If the image is hosted on your own site, just paste the URL of the image on a new line within the comment. If you don't have a Web site, use the instructions found here.

Some items don't allow commenting. Why?

Comments are allowed for 14 days after the item was posted. In addition, some older items have had their comments deleted in order to enhance performance.

Can I do special formatting in a comment?

Yes you can, using special "pMcode." For specific details and examples, see this document.

I would like all links to open in a new window.

By default, all of the links open in your current browser window. If you'd prefer to open each link in a new window, press Shift while you click the link. And if you're using Firefox (and you should be) you can use Ctrl+Click to open the link in a new browser tab (or click the link using the scroll wheel button on your mouse)

I clicked on one of your links and got a "page not found" error.

Every link that I provide pointed to a valid URL on the day that it was posted. But things change, so they may not work when you try them. Also, many of the internal links are broken. That's because I switched blogging software and it was impossible to translate the links.

If you're really interested in the topic, do a search at Google. It's possible that the page was moved, or similar information is available elsewhere.

Why was my comment deleted?

It could be for any of several reasons:

What's the RSS link?

That links to this blog's RSS feed -- which is an XML file that uses an industry standard format. RSS files are used for syndication, and can also be used by news aggregator software. Currently, my RSS reader of choice is BlogLines.

Is it OK if I link to your blog?

Of course it's OK. To create a general link that always displays the current time period, use this URL:

To link to a specific item, click "Permalink" at the bottom of the item. Then copy the URL from your browser's Address bar. For example, the URL might look something like this:

If you'd like a little graphic image, you can use this:

What software do you use for this blog?

I'm using ExpressionEngine

Where is this site hosted?

I use pMachine Hosting.

How many people visit your blog?

You can view the public stats by clicking the Extreme Tracking icon at the bottom of the main page. It looks like this:

Do you accept suggestions?

Suggestions are welcome.

If you find a site that seems as if it would fit in with the spirit of this blog, send it to me. As a general rule of thumb, the site should meet one or more of the following criteria: unique, cool, madcap, groovy, amazing, spiffy, zany, wacky, or mind-boggling.

Remember, just because it's your Web site doesn't mean that other will be interested in. In other words, if it's simply for self-promotion, don't bother.

What's your problem with religion?

This blog covers a variety of topics, and many of them deal with the "weird" side of life. If you look at it objectively, religion is one of the weirdest things in this entire world, and I like to point out that fact. Religion is modern mythology. There is absolutely no basis to it, yet the vast majority of people in this world are convinced that their religious beliefs are real. And for some reason, others are supposed to "respect" their beliefs and be "tolerant." I disagree, and I like to posts entries that make fun of religion. It's a hobby of mine.

I noticed that you copied a quote from my web site, and also stole my image. That's a copyright violation!

Often, I will copy/paste text from a site that I refer to. In some cases, I will even snag an image. This is done under my idea of what "fair use" is all about. I'm not a lawyer, so I have no idea what 'fair use" really means. In fact, I don't think anyone does.

If you are the original copyright owner of text or an image that I use, and you object to my usage, let me know. I'll remove it immediately.

Do you have any other Web sites?

Yes, go here:

Is there any fine print that I should be aware of?


Any rebroadcast, reproduction, or other use of the pictures and accounts of this blog without the express written consent of Major League Baseball is prohibited. Sanitized for your protection. Do not read while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. One size fits all. No user-serviceable parts inside. Blogger does not carry cash. No wagering. Void where prohibited by law.