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Wednesday, 11 March, 2009

Sturgeon Faces
(with comments)

An entire site with nothing but photos of Sturgeon Faces.

Apparently, sturgeons are sad-looking fish. So when a person's mouth forms into the opposite of a smiley face, they are said to have a "sturgeon face."

(via The Presurfer)

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  1. By Levi Wallach. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @07:46am:
    What gets me is that some of these people do not actually look sad. And I'm not talking about the people who are obviously intentially making this frown, but like the guy at the party holding a drink. He actually looks happy, but his face naturally has this shape. So there's somoething beyond sadness here.

    More fascinating to me is the research that's been done to catalog all the various muscles in the face and decoding things from them, and how people move them in a predictable and involuntary way. Even con artists and lyers do this, if only momentarily, and if you catch them on video you can actually see that initial natural reaction followed almost instantly by the cover-up...
  2. By Curtis. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @08:23am:
    I’ve been in the unfortunate position of having caught some sturgeons while catfishing. These ARE NOT sturgeon faces on these people’s mugs, a fact for which they ought to be grateful. THIS is a sturgeon face:


    Sorry I had to show you that.

    The faces on these people’s heads are BULLDOG faces:


    I rest my case.
  3. By Curtis. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @08:35am:
    Here is the bulldog face of a famous blogmmenter here:


    He's actually a boon companion and a hell of a guy to drink with.
  4. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @10:03am:
    So sturgeons are vacuum cleaners? I didn't know that. What does it look like when you don't stretch the mouth like tha?
  5. By Count Stockula. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @10:16am:
    Levi Wallach:
    Have you caught "Lie to Me", the newish show about just that? The acting is mostly awful, but I do like Tim Roth and some of the plots are interesting.
  6. By Eenie Meenie. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @10:50am:
    I used to work in a fabric shop and a woman came in one day with a face like these; sturgeon, bulldog, whatever. But she just looked like the saddest creature on earth. I almost wanted to cry. I went up to her and asked her if there was some particular fabric she had in mind. She said, and I am not kidding, "Yes. Do you have any smiley face material?" I about s*#t my pants! That was the last thing I expected to come out of her mouth! And then I got the giggles so that was the end of that.

    We did, indeed, have smiley face fabric.
  7. By Chris J.. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @11:24am:
    Holy Crap... I think that's my "sex face".
    That may explain the dry spell.
  8. By Curtis. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @11:41am:
    Chris J -- Ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  9. By Phos..... Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @12:11pm:
    Why do people do that when they actually mean to smile? What are they covering up?

    We have one odious crone of a traffic reporter on the local NBC affiliate, and she ALWAYS upside-downs her smile when she is introduced.

    Ugly hag she is. I like my TV people pretty, flang blammit!
  10. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @01:25pm:
    With you there, Curtis. Geez, Chris J, good one. Funny but kind of sad how some people get frown wrinkles as they get older and other people get grinning-like-an-idiot wrinkles. Don't think I ever make that sturgeon/bulldog face. I'd burst out laughing at the effort required. I'm usually either smiling or wincing. Maybe neutral.

    Reminds me of something I learned years ago when dealing with a neck and upper back injury and in a 'flat, if not depressive, state' according to my neurologist. I declined the pharmaceutical approach in favor of self-help. If you're feeling really miserable, go stand in front of a mirror and put a big smile on your face. Sure you'll feel like an idiot because you are one but you'll also start feeling much better right away--whether you want to or not. Endorphins. You might even start laughing at your sorry ass and state of affairs. Same effect as shifting your brain waves to your frontal lobes when you want to cheer up.
  11. By ...pat.. Comment posted 11-Mar-2009 @06:09pm:
    Cabbage patch kid face yes; sturgeon/bulldog face: nope.
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