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Wednesday, 12 January, 2011

Boy Licks Frozen Pole
(with comments)

Life imitates the movies. In Oklahoma: Boy rescued after tongue gets stuck on frozen pole.

lick pole An 8-year-old boy in Oklahoma has been rescued after getting his tongue stuck to a metal pole after he licked it as part of a dare.

Official said rescue crews arrived at the scene on Tuesday morning to find the boy standing on his tip-toes, trying to work his tongue off the frozen pole.

The pole in question was a 'Stop' sign outside Woodward Middle School.

Paramedics eventually freed the youngster after pouring hot water on his tongue.

Shown here is a photo of a random boy licking a frozen pole. It is not the youngster in Oklahoma.

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  1. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @10:23am:
    At least he didn't put his eye out.
  2. By lobstah. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @10:35am:
    When I was a kid, we were sledding once when one of my sisters
    jumped on my back for a ride and my head went down, causing my lips to stick to the metal...I had to carry that damn thing home looking like I was kissing it ! Almost 50 years later, this story still comes up at family gatherings.
  3. By GreenBoy. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @10:51am:
    lobstah - i wouldnt tell any one that story

    Oh wait - you just have!
  4. By TimS. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @11:00am:
    The kid in the picture is clearly from Indiana.
  5. By Mark. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @11:47am:
    That looks like it is from Cleveland, OH
  6. By Philip Elliott. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @12:19pm:
    I'll bet somebody double-dog dared him
  7. By Paul. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @12:21pm:
    A bad memory from 1975:
    In mid winter a neighborhood kid, Mark, an I were always accusing each other of exaggerating, lying, etc, and so when I mentioned that if you put your tongue on that cyclone fence pole it WILL stick to it.
    He said "Yeah right" and proceded to to it.
    When he started to look panicky, I thought he was faking it and grabbed his head and "moved" it away. Eww. There was frozen blood on the fencepole in his back yard till spring time.
    For some reason we kind of went our separate ways after that.
    My Bad, Mark.
  8. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @12:51pm:
    The important thing for Americans to know about Canadians is that you have about 35 million people living to the north of you who have pretty well all had their tongue stuck to a steel pole at least once, if not twice.
  9. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @12:57pm:
    You try not to panic and breathe too hard because your tongue gets even more stuck as the moisture in your breath condenses and freezes. I may not understand French existentialism but I do understand getting your tongue stuck at -20C, which is truly an existential moment.
  10. By wally the duck. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @01:51pm:
    I didn't think Oklahoma got cold enough to freeze a pole.
  11. By Ike. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @06:54pm:
    I grabbed a frozen diving tank valve with a wet hand and had to pee on it to free myself, then skip lunch.
  12. By Larry in PA. Comment posted 12-Jan-2011 @08:45pm:
    In that scene from "A Christmas Story" they simulated the "stuck to pole" effect by drilling a hole in the pole and using vacuum to keep the boy's tongue "attached" to the pole. It was a clever way of making it look very real without the kid actually getting hurt.
  13. By GreenBoy. Comment posted 13-Jan-2011 @05:27am:
    Larry - what ever happened to 'suffering for your art'?
  14. By EraserGirl. Comment posted 16-Jan-2011 @06:17am:
    you know if you just work up enough of your own saliva you can rescue your own damn self. what are we teaching kids these days?
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