The Web has thousands of halfway-decent blogs. This is one of them, from Tucson, AZ. [More].

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About This Blog

This blog is written and performed by me -- John Walkenbach, and it's coming to you from Tucson, Arizona.

I'm a computer book author, an occasional consultant, and I'm responsible for several popular Excel add-in products

The main reason I keep this blog is to provide an ongoing list of links to topics that interest me, along with occasional comments.

Need to get in touch with the blogmaster?

If you suggest a link, I probably won't reply to your email. But I do check out all suggestions, and if it's appropriate (and hasn't been posted recently) I'll probably use it and give you credit. If you don't want credit, let me know.

If you have other questions about this blog, they may be answered in the FAQ.

For more information about me, see this CNN article. And here's an interview, conducted by Curtis Curtington.